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2014 May 5 at 04:45 UTC
Riding your bike down the Luxor
2014 May 3 at 07:14 UTC
Scorpion Gulch
2014 Apr 29 at 03:30 UTC
The latin one is way better. ---^

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg's frilly neckerchief"
"the sacred knife of Tecpatl"
"ritual human sacrifice"
"long pork"
"the dark place of eternal stillness" <-- Thank you wikipedia.

After many years, I have finally found true love. And I could never have done it without _

The new hit reality show: Can You Swallow _?
(Can you swallow a ghoulish feast?)

Syria, what are you doing back here?
A BBC team has witnessed the devastating effects of _ on civilians after gaining rare access to rebel-held areas of Syria.

I've been trying to come up with very specific toofers.

The terrorists will execute one hostage every 20 minutes unless they receive _ and _.

I tried to sneak out of the store with _ under one arm and _ down my pants.
The Rando-izer gave me "I tried to sneak out of the store with not enough lube under one arm and a bear in a trashcan down my pants."

The new bill before congress would outlaw _ but provide subsidies for _.

My religion demands that I must always have _, and that I must abstain from _.

Our mystical secret society is dedicated to elucidating the mysteries of _ and _.
2014 Feb 20 at 06:04 UTC
"Radicalizing the natives."
2011 Nov 1 at 21:09 UTC
That picture is stupid. You must have an intermembral index of > 100.

(I thought of a way to top your 'occipital bun' line.)
2010 Nov 17 at 05:46 UTC
Rockbomb, Molkman and Down Rodeo each just fed the troll 200 points. Don't feed the troll kids!

Please note, this is more than a 60000% increase in his points.
2010 Jul 26 at 07:27 UTC
I don't know where you get off berating SDAW, Rockbomb, when you've blatantly ripped off his signature.
2010 Apr 3 at 06:32 UTC
Made a New Video in General
You loose 27 points for thinking it's a bear.
2009 Aug 18 at 10:06 UTC
Dream Time in General
Uh huh.
2009 Aug 1 at 02:09 UTC
Havokk Edge said:
I want a McTitty Lover Medal. I think you know what i want on it.

Ok, instead of that, I want, (get this) A RACECAR crapping out a NINJA STAR!!!