Sonnets, like a Haiku but BIGGER.

Sonnets, like a Haiku but BIGGER.

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2005 Mar 26 • 778
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This thread is only for Sonnet,
To talk of whatever you want through verse.
We ask that you put nothing else on it,
And so the rules of such we now rehearse.

The lines you write shall count but four and ten;
Three sets of four and then two more to end.
Having constructed this framework, therein
Ten syllables per line, that is the trend.

The rhyme scheme of this verse is not too hard,
Lines two and four are paired, as first and third.
So too the last two lines in this regard,
Be sure the ends of pairs their rhymes are heard.

We know it's hard to write upon demand,
But fuck this up, we swear that you'll be banned.
2006 Nov 7 at 14:52 PST
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2006 Nov 8 at 05:55 PST — Ed. 2006 Nov 9 at 05:29 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 4935
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Italian sonnets are not the same,
They have many forms and are not as strict,
If you listen to me, you'll have them licked!
They don't sound as good and are kinda lame,
But don't you get them wrong, for shame, for shame!
They are broken in two, eight and then sixed.
Lines first and fourth, fifth and last must be fixed.
The remainder must rhyme, to play this game.

The second verse is much stranger indeed,
The beginning rhymes with second to last,
As the second and fourth must sound alike.
If you match third and sixth, you'll have a blast,
You have now been given all that you need
Now go write poetry, you fucking dike!
2006 Nov 8 at 16:28 PST

2005 Apr 30 • 315
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In the middle of this, my life
Thus spoke Zarathustra.
2006 Nov 13 at 18:54 PST
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