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Beyond Good and Evil
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2012 Mar 8 at 11:33 PST
Episode 4 made it feel like Vader was the #2 man to Tarkin. Like he was Tarkin’s mysterious enforcer, but that dynamic changed with the introduction of the Emperor in Episode 5.

The EU stuff states that the Empire is xenophobic and sexist, but that’s doesn’t seam to be the case in the movies. It’s true that men appear to be overrepresented in the Imperial military, but then again, so are they in modern militaries on Earth. Its entity possible that there are female (or even alien) personnel, that we never get a chance to see. The camera never lingers on the crew of the Star Destroyers, and Storm Troopers, Gunners, and Pilots wear bulky armor and concealing helmets. It’s also possible that the Imperial military is split between the sexes, not unlike the Zentraedi in Macross, or the Imperium of Man in Warhammer40k. This might seam a little odd, but there have historically been all female unites, such as the Dahomey Amazons or the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Given the Empire’s assumed authoritative nature, this isn’t to much of a stretch.

Similarly, though the Empire appears to be human-centric if its military is any indicator,
there doesn’t seam to be any direct evidence of the Empire being overtly specist or xenophobic. Sure the Detention Block commander made a snide remark about Chewbacca, but then again, Chewie is from a species of space sasquatches that rip people’s arms out when they throw a hissy-fits also possible that the guard had never seen a wookie before (implying that they are relatively rare. You don’t see any others on film.), or that the commander was just a dick. Similarly, Admiral Piett’s line "Bounty hunters! We don't need their scum." probably isn’t directed at the aliens, humans ,and droids assembled on the bridge, but rather an angry retort to Vader dick-slapping Imperial intelligence and the Imperial Navy. Imagine how you would feel if you were (or are) in the military, a when suddenly the president comes by and says “You suck at your job. I’m going to let Dog the Bounty Hunter do it.” Yeah, you’d probably be a little hurt and confused as well

The only overt racism seen on screen is that bartender in Episode 4 who (along with some of the locals) appear to have something against droids. Granted this is on a backwater planet, probably akin to the Deep South in the US. Actually, come to think of it, there appear to be some sort of droids = slaves mentality, at least on the outer rim.
What with the Jawas apparently capturing runaway or stray droids and then selling them to local communities, the analogies to the African slave trade seam apparent. Perhaps droids are only counted as 3/5ths a person or something like that.

A funny thing with colored lasers, I always thought that the green lasers represented a more powerful/expensive weapon. Personal firearms and weapons mounted on vehicles always appear to fire a ruby red colored beam. Even the rebel ship sand fighters shoot red lasers. The green beams are only seen when fired from a TIE fighter or a Star Destroyer.
The “more powerful” theory is somewhat supported by the fact that TIE fighters rip through rebel fighters, even when they have shields.
2010 Dec 7 at 20:10 PST
japannu in Video Recommend!
the_cloud_system said:

2010 Nov 11 at 22:31 PST
You want a paradox? I’ll give you a fuckin’ paradox!

2010 Oct 6 at 15:25 PDT
Gentlemen! Ready your mechanized burqas and prepare to fight this menace head on!
2010 Jul 18 at 20:56 PDT
hana cards! in General
SRAW said:

superjer said:

Hanafuda (“flower cards”) is a card game that evolved from Western playing cards back when the Japanese wanted to play poker, but the white-man’s culture was permabanned from Japan because Caucasians were to damn tall.

Unlike Western-style cards, the Hanafuda cards contain no numbers. Instead, the 48 cards in the deck use pictures of flowers and plants. The deck is organized in 12 suits, one for each month of the year, and the types of plants represent the months in which they bloom in Japan. Just like western cards, they can be used to play several different games.

Also, you should know that back in 1889, a small company was formed in Kyoto for the specific purpose of producing Hanafuda cards. The company was called Nintendo Koppai.

A century later, it had evolved into a titan in the video game industry: Nintendo.
Now you know.
2010 Apr 30 at 19:03 PDT
NatureJay said:
Nnnhhh... I'd say pole socking is closer to rugby than it is American football, but that's like saying string theory is closer to rabies than ebola.

Pole Socking is real simple.

Basically, each team has a minimum of 3 Defenders, 3 Attackers, 5 Midfielders, a Goalie, and a Team Captain. Players may use their vehicles in any way they see fit, whether it be to incur injury upon other players or to gain benefits for themselves. Contact is allowed, but a player may not grasp another's socking mallet. No substitution of a player is allowed, even if one is too badly hurt to continue. The players must not stray over the boundary lines of the playfield, which extends in a 30x10 mile rectangle around a tornado, with the maximum extend being any state/province/ territory. The Nomads enter the game from the field sidelines along the designated Wing Areas at the field half mark between the spectating bleachers, and run impartial interception on both teams. Poles are planted throughout the playfield, with each team’s Master Pole located just beyond their End Line, which is the domain of the Goalie. Attackers and Defenders are restricted their fields of play, while the Midfielder's dash back and forth in an attempt to score hits upon opposing or neutral poles until the tornado(s) die out and the umpire calls hotbox. Time out may be called at any time by a team Captain by firing a flare and lasts until it burns out. This time may be extended only if a game has already lasted for more than twelve hours. Failure to return afterward disqualifies the offending team.
When a Red Alert or Blue Light power play is in effect, the associated team is allowed to sock by flying from the central circle towards the scoring area, and if successful, the pole must be surrendered to the opposition.

At the end of the game the score is calculated, with scoredowns, pole-socks and rundowns added up. Wheelies and flips are multiplied by any half-pipes and barrel rolls.

The totals are then divide by nine.
2009 Dec 10 at 20:11 PST
Sprinkles' Dad said:

sprinkles said:
God laughs hysterically in grave.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.

And with strange aeons even death may die.
God creates dinosaurs.

God destroys dinosaurs.

God creates man.

Man destroys God.

Man creates dinosaurs.
2009 Nov 13 at 16:27 PST