If STAR WARS was only episodes 4, 5, and 6.

If STAR WARS was only episodes 4, 5, and 6.

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2006 Apr 26 • 703
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So, I was reading on the 4chan’s /tg/ that someone was aiming to run a Star Wars RPG campaign based solely on the original trilogy, while more or less ignoring the prequels and expanded universe.

I found this idea to be rather intriguing, since it takes us back to our childhood before we knew all the nitty-gritty details about Star Wars, and used our vivid imaginations to explain these elaborate space serials.

So I’m asking everyone to dredge up their childhood memories, and partake in a show and tell. Remember, these are assumptions and conjectures based on what is seen and heard in the original trilogy films. All answers are valid, and everything is up for speculation.

When you first heard about "the Clone Wars" and "the Kessel Run", what came to mind?

What were the Jedi to you? How many were there? How did they operate?

What did you think the colored badges on the Imperial uniforms mean, or how did they work?

What made the Empire evil, and the Rebel Alliance heroic? And why?

How old was the Empire?

Why did the good guys have red lasers and the bad guys have green lasers?
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Ph. D in Cryonics

2006 Apr 26 • 703
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I always thought that the Clone Wars were a small, but notable, regional conflict fought using clones (just like a nuclear war is a war fought using nukes), while the Kessel Run always sounded like some sort of illegal yet highly lauded space race of some sort, perhaps through a very hazardous chunk of space.

What did you think the colored badges on the Imperial uniforms mean, or how did they work? As a kid, I deduced that they were some kind of rank insignia, but I always figured that the not just number of squares, but color determined seniority

(Blue < Red < Yellow)

I remember seeing similar markings on Boba Fett’s armor (which was the same shade of green as the Imperial Army troops on Endor), and started to wonder if his was ex-imperial special forces or something.

What made the Empire evil, and the Rebel Alliance heroic? Sure the rebels were outnumbered underdogs, but the Empire is only as evil as we're supposed to believe they are. We're supposed to root for the Rebels because we're told the Empire is evil. Obviously the people at the top (The Emperor, Vader, Tarkin, the circle of assclowns running the Death Star) are pretty evil and out and out dicks at times, but in function, the Rebels are a bunch of crazy diehard terrorists trying to bring back an old, failed regime, because they don't believe the current one has any right to rule.

"The Academy" was pretty clearly Imperial flight school. Luke wanted to be a fighter pilot and his family kept having him work the farm. He had no idea the Empire was evil, nor any grudge against them, until Stormtroopers killed his family and burned his farm. Hell, most of the people in the Empire aren't evil, and don’t seem to mind the Empire, aside from paying taxes and such.

Oddly enough, most people don't seem to really remember the Republic, though they have heard of the Clone Wars (though there's nothing in the films describing that conflict, much less connecting it to the downfall of the Republic).

Pertaining to the Jedi, I always pictured them as a much smaller organization, more private, with one-on-one training, and "knights" doing whatever they thought was right, sort of like wuxia-style "errant knight" badasses, not tied to the formal power structures but held to defend ideals of peace and freedom. Yeah, Kenobi was a general, but he wasn't a general because he was a Jedi, he was just a good strategist and an all around badass.

Some Imperial jerkoff taunting Vader in Episode 4, stating: "Your sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes."

Always made me think that the Jedi ‘religion’ was actually an ancient dying religion that maybe 5 people in the whole galaxy even knew about or remembered.

Speaking of this scene, I always though that there was more of a story between Vader and Tarkin: Vader never answered to anyone save the Emperor, and apparently Tarkin.
When Vader was force-choking General douchebag , Tarkin commanded Vader to stay his hand. Maybe Vader’s heart just want into it, but considering how coldly Vader offs people for displeasing him, he appears to act all to quickly to Tarkin’s request.

Consider Tarkin's candid dialogue with Vader later on: “The Jedi are extinct. Their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that's left of their religion.”

Based on the line delivery in the film, Tarkin appears to actually use the word ‘friend’ to mean just that. It isn’t sarcastic or biting, but almost warm. It always felt like those two had a history, like they were good friends in the past, and that Tarkin was instrumental to turning Anakin to the Dark Side. Perhaps something like Anakin Sklywalker wanted to show mercy to some enemies in the Clone Wars or something and save them. And Tarkin, a cold-hearted pragmatists, point out to him that “We’re at war and letting the enemy live endangers the Republic. Destroy them!” This could have been one of many events that caused a crisis of conscience, while Tarkin could have been there to help pull Anakin down the dark path, the quick and easy path. Thus Anakin would be performing darkside acts, all the while thinking he is helping the Republic. An act acceptable for a non-force user but for a Jedi a very dangerous act to follow.

It also seam like Tarkin did right by Vader at some point, maybe even saving his life, to explain why Vader listened to and respected him.
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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2005 Mar 21 • 4942
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I always viewed it as "Grand Moff outranks Darth." I didn't know what the titles meant specifically, but the implication was that Tarkin was only one rank below the emperor himself. It's actually kind of strange that the emperor himself wasn't captain of the Death Star... like... what did he have to do that was more important than that?
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fedex _

2009 Mar 23 • 909
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Not a really huge fan of star wars but , my favorite one was Episode I
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2005 May 1 • 315
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Episode 4 made it feel like Vader was the #2 man to Tarkin. Like he was Tarkin’s mysterious enforcer, but that dynamic changed with the introduction of the Emperor in Episode 5.

The EU stuff states that the Empire is xenophobic and sexist, but that’s doesn’t seam to be the case in the movies. It’s true that men appear to be overrepresented in the Imperial military, but then again, so are they in modern militaries on Earth. Its entity possible that there are female (or even alien) personnel, that we never get a chance to see. The camera never lingers on the crew of the Star Destroyers, and Storm Troopers, Gunners, and Pilots wear bulky armor and concealing helmets. It’s also possible that the Imperial military is split between the sexes, not unlike the Zentraedi in Macross, or the Imperium of Man in Warhammer40k. This might seam a little odd, but there have historically been all female unites, such as the Dahomey Amazons or the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Given the Empire’s assumed authoritative nature, this isn’t to much of a stretch.

Similarly, though the Empire appears to be human-centric if its military is any indicator,
there doesn’t seam to be any direct evidence of the Empire being overtly specist or xenophobic. Sure the Detention Block commander made a snide remark about Chewbacca, but then again, Chewie is from a species of space sasquatches that rip people’s arms out when they throw a hissy-fits also possible that the guard had never seen a wookie before (implying that they are relatively rare. You don’t see any others on film.), or that the commander was just a dick. Similarly, Admiral Piett’s line "Bounty hunters! We don't need their scum." probably isn’t directed at the aliens, humans ,and droids assembled on the bridge, but rather an angry retort to Vader dick-slapping Imperial intelligence and the Imperial Navy. Imagine how you would feel if you were (or are) in the military, a when suddenly the president comes by and says “You suck at your job. I’m going to let Dog the Bounty Hunter do it.” Yeah, you’d probably be a little hurt and confused as well

The only overt racism seen on screen is that bartender in Episode 4 who (along with some of the locals) appear to have something against droids. Granted this is on a backwater planet, probably akin to the Deep South in the US. Actually, come to think of it, there appear to be some sort of droids = slaves mentality, at least on the outer rim.
What with the Jawas apparently capturing runaway or stray droids and then selling them to local communities, the analogies to the African slave trade seam apparent. Perhaps droids are only counted as 3/5ths a person or something like that.

A funny thing with colored lasers, I always thought that the green lasers represented a more powerful/expensive weapon. Personal firearms and weapons mounted on vehicles always appear to fire a ruby red colored beam. Even the rebel ship sand fighters shoot red lasers. The green beams are only seen when fired from a TIE fighter or a Star Destroyer.
The “more powerful” theory is somewhat supported by the fact that TIE fighters rip through rebel fighters, even when they have shields.
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2005 Mar 21 • 4942
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I think the fact that you never see a single woman in the empire doesn't mean much, as there our military never putting women on the front lines has nothing to do with sexism. It's just that men get really stupid when they think women are in danger, and women aren't useful enough to make up for that.

The aliens are a different story, though. We clearly see that there are TONS of aliens all over the place, and yet it is made very clear that the empire's military is made up entirely of humans. Just because you can't see what storm troopers look like doesn't mean it isn't meant to be assumed they are human. Given that using aliens in a sci-fi movie as the bad guys does a lot to make them seem more menacing, the fact that no aliens are ever shown with an empire uniform says quite a bit.

The funny thing is that the vast majority of rebel soldiers are also human, but that is probably due to budget constraints. There's never any dialogue indicating that humans are vastly more common than any sort of alien... although if the empire was killing a lot of aliens that would explain why.

Also the original movies don't display any sort of slavery theme about droids as far as I can see. It's pretty clear that people don't think droids are people, and that they really aren't people. If a slavery theme was supposed to be present somebody at SOME point would say something about the oppression of droids. It just doesn't happen. Droids aren't people and they don't care that they are being used for labor because that's how they were built. Whenever a droid does something unusual, like R2-D2 wandering off into the desert, it's because he was programmed to do it.

Even as a kid I never saw the different colored lasers as anything other than a method the movie makers were using to identify who is shooting. The only reason blaster rifles aren't green is because rebels use them too.
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2008 Jul 11 • 226
fedex _ said:
Not a really huge fan of star wars but , my favorite one was Episode I

Meh that one was okay but 2 and 3 failed harder than a fat man trying to find his penis.
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