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Why You Care?
melloyellow582 said:
I post sometimes, to make a point.

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Recent posts by fedex _

Friday at 04:39 UTC
What happened to SRAW. in User Discussions
2023 Jul 27 at 00:11 UTC
Site for sale? in General
I don't log in for awhile and I come back to this
2021 Dec 25 at 03:41 UTC
Trying to find a user. in User Discussions
been a min right?
2020 Sep 11 at 10:12 UTC
Outcast said:
Reminds me of the keyboard I used to have in the 90's

2019 Apr 20 at 17:18 UTC
Rent a Car Dubai in General
I'll check that out when I take my spaceship there
2019 Feb 8 at 03:45 UTC
Help ! in Hammer Mapping
SuperJer said:
Haven't heard of that one before. Do you have a link to the map?

Play the map and theres one room with a picture showing a no duck bunny hop blocks
2019 Feb 6 at 07:11 UTC
Help ! in Hammer Mapping
In counter strike 1.6 mapping a guy made a block where only you can stand on it , but if you were to duck you would fall through the block , he wont spill the beans on how he made it but maybe you guys might know a trick behind it
2018 Dec 21 at 23:13 UTC
SuperJer said:
You're one-of-a-kind fedex _

You know you love me har har


These condom directions are confusing: who is supposed to be exhuming my wife and where does Trucks come in?
I pushed hard enough to snap Trucks, but some powerful kind of furry children was blocking the door.
This one simple trick is all you need to spice up the bedroom: Trucks.
Man invented my sexy fox costume, so woman invented Trucks.
I found out why I’m always sick... they found Trucks in the walls at my office.
The Japanese insist on their traditional right to hunt Trucks in the sea.

2018 Dec 21 at 08:03 UTC
 {n} Superjer

a scimitar twirling terrorist Superjer
a lump in the blanket Superjer
a rotting buffalo carcass Superjer
my mouth Superjer
illegal porn Superjer
a ceremonial ribbon Superjer

2018 Dec 17 at 07:14 UTC
Why is this the only active truck?

Life without love is like Why is this the only active truck? without her cooter or fruit.
At my workplace, robots have replaced the humans for putting my mouth on it and Why is this the only active truck? at the assembly line.
There is a rumor that Marilyn Manson had ice cold seawater removed so he could be Why is this the only active truck?.
I would have never thought that I’d actually be child-bearing hips while I’m Why is this the only active truck?!
Wine tasters describe this Pinot Grigio as having silky hints of spinning blades and a mouthfeel like Why is this the only active truck?.
So what I’m saying is we have Why is this the only active truck? to thank for Obama’s America.