Mouse won't select.

Mouse won't select.

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2007 Nov 26 • 13
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Well I've been mapping for awhile and I took like a week long break. I came back and I can't select any objects by clicking on them in the 3d window. Only in the graph windows. It's on every map too. Any ideas?
2008 Mar 8 at 21:32 PST

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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oh there was another firetruck with the exact same problem

... try reinstalling hammer

or something like that i'll try to search for that other firetruck
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2008 Mar 9 at 01:23 PST
2007 Nov 26 • 13
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I reinstalled twice and still no luck...

could it be that I updated my video card drivers? which everything else still selects its just in the 3d camera view it won't.
2008 Mar 9 at 20:38 PDT
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2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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You're using and ATI-card right? Latest driver seems to f*ck things up. Maybe try older driver?

Luckily I'm using Nvidia myself...
2008 Mar 10 at 02:42 PDT
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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haha i have a problem, when i select a brush in 3d, i would click a different brush, but fixed it
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2008 Mar 10 at 03:54 PDT
2007 Nov 26 • 13
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Well I figured it out and incase anyone else has the problem, if your using ATI and you update to the newest driver it will do that. So just go back to a roll back driver. Or get a new graphics card, which Im about to do!
2008 Mar 10 at 22:09 PDT

2008 Jan 21 • 154
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Your going to get a graphics card just to make maps? Why not just use an older computer

P.S I like to have the lastest hardware, but i rarley do
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2008 Mar 10 at 22:27 PDT — Ed. 2008 Mar 10 at 22:28 PDT

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2007 Sep 13 • 79
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I was talking about this earlier in the chat. But yea, I use an ATI card and I guess the new drivers screwed up more than I thought. Guess I'll have to switch back to Omega drivers.
SRAW said:
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2008 Mar 10 at 22:39 PDT
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