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Recent posts by Djuice27

2022 Dec 17 at 06:43 UTC
Nostalgia....! in Hammer Mapping
I inadvertently stumbled upon this forum today, a forum which I frequented nearly 15 years ago. Quite the nostalgia as I read through my posts.

At first, I had to do a double-take to make sure it was even me who was posting this stuff. I didn't remember any of it. There were a few 'hints' that recalled some memories, but nothing detailed. As I read through my posts, things started to become clearer and my recollection improved. Wow! What a throwback. There were moments where I was cringing at how dumb I was, to others where I felt like "wow, I was pretty smart for my age." I still don't remember everything, but it was enough to trigger some past memories and that is a gift in and of itself. I never really thought about it, but wow, 15 years will do a number on your memory, especially the finer details.

This experience made me reflect on myself and my life as a whole. It's amazing how much I've grown, and how much potential I possibly flushed down the toilet. I hope everyone who I encountered on here is doing well and may you find peace, love, and happiness.

P.S - Thanks SuperJer for putting up with all my questions, I was an annoying little twat 🤪
2008 Apr 27 at 02:24 UTC
New "Clean" Textures in Hammer Mapping
What maps are you playing I want better Graphics!
People still use wally, at least to my understanding
2008 Apr 27 at 02:22 UTC
lines on floor... in Hammer Mapping
Fuck Me!
2008 Apr 26 at 21:40 UTC
lines on floor... in Hammer Mapping
How exactly do you make lines on a floor like on a basketball court...
2008 Apr 14 at 19:22 UTC
Another Problem ROFL in Hammer Mapping
ToasTeR1094 said:
Ok I hope someone can help me with this. When ever I go to work on my map it seems whenever I close out of it and open it backup like if I had to take a break to do something, I can't edit the enties I have made. I right click on them go to properties but something with groups comes up. Then I end up re-doing the whole entite which is a huge pain. Also is there anyway to tell with out compiling like if I have a person standing next to a block they will be able to see over but without having there whole body revealed just there head.

I will also ask my elevator question again to see if someone can help me with it having no response last time.

When ever I make an elevator and the button to make the elevator go up the button moves for about 5-10 seconds in any dirrection and then stops and my elevator then goes up.

P.S I'll probably have to end up making a video for this one.
Also why does it seem like when I make a entity like func_breakable if I shift click it to copy it the entity does not get coppied.

1.) Instead of Right clicking it, click it and press CTRl + T

2.) I dont think there is a way you can tell how big a block is compared to the actual person.

3.) Not sure about the elevator...but just make sure your making it correctly....your probobly missing a critical step..

4.) it should copy....Make shure you let go of the mouse first and then SHIFT
2008 Apr 14 at 19:18 UTC
Strange Error in Hammer Mapping
ive never done an elevator so i have no clue
2008 Apr 14 at 18:40 UTC
Strange Error in Hammer Mapping
Killer-Duck said:
Djuice27 said:

6.) Make a Brush outside of the map, somewhere were players cant reach and make the brush a func_buyzone.

Placing an entity outside a map will cause a leak. Place it in a place where players can't reach it instead(eg near the roof/sky).

May give u a little error at compiling but its no biggy, you can still play the map...
2008 Apr 14 at 18:35 UTC
Strange Error in Hammer Mapping
For the errors easiest way to get rid of them is just in hammer and going to MAP > Go To Brush Number > and type either 20, 21, 22 and then delete them, cuz thats why your getting that error.

Also I have another problem when ever I go to compile maps I always have to put the bsp file in manually into my maps folder. I had to recentetly start doing this. I never used to do this. Yes I've checked that the paths are correct.
I have one last question. When ever I make an elevator the button that I use to activate the elevator moves in a dirrection for about 10 seconds stops then my elevator starts going up.
Also where can I get a boost or air lift entity like on surf_ski 2 or surf_ski.
Also how can I make transparent glass, I know how to make glass but you cant see through it. I've looked for a texture but cant find it.
Also where can I find how to make vehicles, I've looked on google but cant find anything.
This is an awp map so how can I make it so that they can only use awps and pistols and can't buy anything.

1.) Double check your paths, it should work fine if there correct...

2.) Not sure

3.) Trigger_push, if its going up then select the UP direction and make sure the speed is more then 800. Also the Brush must be the length you want it to push you up.

4.) Do you want the glass to break? If so then make the brush a Func_breakable, go to properties and make the material type, glass, make the render mode: Texture - Some Light. Change the FX Amount to how transparent you want it to be Number 1, is almost invisible 250 is solid. Make it 150, thats what i use. And lastly put a glass looking texture on it..

5.) make a brush Func_vehicle. Its hard to make a good car.

6.) Make a Brush outside of the map, somewhere were players cant reach and make the brush a func_buyzone. This will disable players from buying weapons. To make them spawn with guns make a Entity called Game_player_equip, in its properties you choose what weapons they start with and how many bullets,,,
2008 Mar 27 at 00:19 UTC
A guide to make a ladder? in Hammer Mapping
Why can u fall through the map and die in this one area...?

Box textures are messed up

There are some small things you need to fix. Maybe you don't maybe you want it like that...But idk maps kinda small and empty
2008 Mar 23 at 02:45 UTC
Hello I wonder how... in Hammer Mapping
u use a program, dunno which one though i learned about this a long time ago