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SRAW said:
hey a rare cameo by adhesive

Recent posts by adhesive

Recent posts by adhesive

2011 Aug 27 at 21:12 PDT
From some other place:
"Hudzg's teammate nooky stated similar thoughts, but also pointed out that, while they really need to balance the weapons, they need to try to limit wall-banging as well. It seems that every wall is spammable."

I'm glad to hear that wall-banging may be back.
2011 May 24 at 11:43 PDT

Some programming tools NOT used by Real Programmers:
> Source language debuggers. Real Programmers can read core dumps.

> Compilers with array bounds checking. They stifle creativity, destroy most of the interesting uses for EQUIVALENCE, and make it impossible to modify the operating system code with negative subscripts. Worst of all, bounds checking is inefficient.

If you ignore the fact that it's "structured", even 'C' programming can be appreciated by the Real Programmer: after all, there's no type checking, variable names are seven (ten? eight?) characters long, and the added bonus of the Pointer data type is thrown in-- like having the best parts of Fortran and assembly language in one place. (Not to mention some of the more creative uses for #define.)

I don't see an endorsement for C# made by REAL PROGRAMMERS! In other words, C# is a language for quiche-eaters.

Original article (good read):
2011 Mar 22 at 08:54 PDT
Supes, could you whitelist me? "Gobertech"
I made the tree island with the underground grass biome thing. Someone also pee'd in my stuff.
2011 Mar 17 at 10:50 PDT
I think I'll go ahead and contribute. Trying to stick to music videos and just 1 video per band to keep things interesting.

More RATATAT I guess. First post didn't do enough justice and I just love their music videos.
Sick vid

Also go look for their two remix tapes, available somewhere for free.
Sick vid

Sick vid

Major lazer also has a daggering video you should probably look at. Nina sky is hot.

I like song outtakes:
Sick vid

Sick vid

I used to hate Gorillaz on the idea that they were a kids band or something, now I enjoy them.
Sick vid

Local Band:
Sick vid

Sick vid

Sick vid

Sick vid

Song starts at 2:00
Sick vid

revolvo - gold passion
2011 Feb 11 at 10:53 PST
pointers in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
Ever send an array to another function?
int x[] = {1,2,3,4,5}

void work(int numbers[]){

Surprise, You secretly used pointers!
You actually sent &x[0] to work and the work function views int numbers[] as int* numbers. This way you can just send 4bytes (address of x[0]) to work instead of the whole array (4bytes * array length).
If you didn't use pointers you would have to send all elements to the work function, make a new array there, do the calculations, return all the modified elements to the function caller, and finally repopulate the original array. Try making a recursive program without pointers.

2010 Dec 19 at 16:38 PST
Get a pair of fat calipers and use that to track your weight loss. This way you can ascertain exactly how much of lost weight is actually attributed to burned fat.

Edit: just noticed this thread is more than a month old. If your still losing weight this quickly and lifting heavier then you are golden.
2010 Oct 6 at 18:38 PDT
Assembly in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
I would recommend LC-3 Because it's 16-bit, you can run it on an emulator, and it's entry level. You can download it here
You could also read Patt & Patel's book if you want to learn about LC-3, computing, and C programming.

Here's a reference sheet :
2010 Oct 4 at 20:06 PDT
The spaceship must decelerate, stop, and accelerate back towards it's initial position. Since the spaceship's reference frame is non-inertial the Principle of Relativity does not apply so we cannot calculate time dilation through the time dilation formula.
The Earth clocks do indeed run slow as the spaceship moves at constant velocity, however while the spaceship decelerates and turns around the Earth clocks run fast. Fast enough that the spaceship twin will be younger upon return.
2010 Oct 3 at 14:57 PDT
This type of bill won't be passed without heated debate, the reason it didn't pass was because it it too close to the congressional break and the election.
If you want to help this cause when it resurfaces you're probably best off writing to a congressman and expressing your concerns (Which the petition organizers will probably do for you). Although I'm not sure of the standing you will have if you are not part of their district.

Also the white house had a plan to pressure all registrars to voluntarily follow the COICA outline anyway should the bill no be passed. The ISP's and registrars see that it isn't in their best interest and they are mainly ignoring it.
2010 Oct 3 at 14:45 PDT
I'm pretty sure this is an mainly an ATI related problem, but newer graphic cards in general are going to have more and more problems with older software.
You can most likely work around this by turning hardware acceleration off, downloading 3rd party drivers, or rolling back to drivers circa 2004.