Havokks Valentine special

Havokks Valentine special

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2007 Oct 24 • 990
13 ₧
Havokk Edge said:

WTF ?? whats with Michel Jackson ???

you mite want to go to a doctor about that brain tumor i think its getting worse
Wtf is that ? its a bird ! no its a plane ! amm maybe its a plastic bag . NO ! its SUPERJER ! the greatest super hero ever!
2008 Feb 16 at 01:30 PST
eDan Co.
Mighty Typist

Real Live Hands-On Rabbi Medal
Consolation Medal
2007 Sep 24 • 2921
252 ₧
yeah, I didn't get that Michael Jackson bit...
May contain traces of invisible text.
2008 Feb 16 at 01:31 PST
*****'n Admin

Comrade General 5-Star
2005 Mar 21 • 4915
1,227 ₧
I guarantee you that I would definetly NOT ban anyone for posting porn. Unless it wasn't porn I liked. Ugly chicks would get you a temp ban. Fat chicks would get you a temp ban and a demeaning title. Fat, ugly chicks would get you get you banned for life and I'd also try to send somebody to kill your dog.
2008 Feb 16 at 03:23 PST
Count Adelaide

Roar Of The Tigress Medal
2007 Jun 24 • 84
68 ₧
Well superjer don't like porn....

I'll get a hold of anything you want at the risk of my computer!

Oh and the Micheal Jackson bit..He gave me the damn brain tumor!
Make awkward sexual advances, not war.
Down Rodeo said:
Dammit, this was the one place that didn't have this, but noooooo, molkman pisses all over that
2008 Feb 16 at 21:50 PST
Metal does cocaine.

Frontline Heroism Medal
2005 Mar 21 • 1531
36 ₧

But no pron pleaz. I sometimes post from my school, so having my computer graphics teacher see that would probably not qualify as being on task.
If you jump high enough you'll hurt your ankles when you land.
2008 Feb 17 at 00:52 PST
*****'n Admin

Comrade General 5-Star
2005 Mar 21 • 4915
1,227 ₧
Having anything to do with me at all is consistently under the description of "Not On Task."
2008 Feb 17 at 01:30 PST
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