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Recent posts by eDan Co.

Recent posts by eDan Co.

2014 Jan 20 at 15:08 UTC
gifs. in Video Recommend!
the_cloud_system said:
fuck .gifs D:

Here's a fuck .gif.
2014 Jan 20 at 14:30 UTC
Hey guys in General
How do I play?
2013 Dec 28 at 23:42 UTC
Hey guys in General
I haven't shot anyone! (Maybe the sheriff)

And yeah, I chose Poe for the meantime, I just had to get rid of that general whom I do not know. Aaronjer put him there, right?
2013 Dec 28 at 13:53 UTC
Hey guys in General
Brilliant! Thanks a lot.

What are people up to? It feels like nothing changed around here.
2010 Dec 8 at 10:08 UTC
Magnets? in Other Help
aaronjer said:
People are stupid.

With an average IQ of 100, yes, they are.
2010 Dec 8 at 03:16 UTC
Magnets? in Other Help
SRAW said:
Mythbusters have proven that perpectual motion machines can't exist.

Physicists knew that all along. Mythbusters showed it on TV, explaining it like you would to an eight-year-old.
2010 Dec 8 at 03:06 UTC
Down Rodeo said:
FUN FACT: I stopped Windows 98 defragging midway through and it never worked ever after that. Further attempts to defrag failed.

What an OS.

2010 Dec 8 at 03:04 UTC
Magnets? in Other Help
If you put this device in a frictionless vacuum, the sum of forces applied to the disc will be 0. Look at your diagram: the magnet at 3 o'clock is doing nothing, the magnet at 1 o'clock is pushing CCW at a force of F(N), and the magnet at 5 o'clock is pulling CW at a force of F(N), etc etc etc with all magnets.

Basically the magnets do nothing. Maybe add mass to the disc, but nothing more.
2010 Dec 8 at 02:54 UTC
Down Rodeo said:
I mean, is there even going to be an eternity? I also think you'd find it hard to write down a book describing the universe. There's not enough paper to write down a googolplex, even!

Especially since the book describing the universe is part of the universe which it is describing.
2010 Dec 8 at 02:46 UTC
I don't think I'll die anytime soon. I operate American PATRIOT missiles. Cool stuff.

Sadly, I'm not here to stay, because I get a week at home every four months.

Umm... So Havokk, how was it?