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Recent posts by CornJer

2009 Aug 25 at 23:01 UTC
Halo 3 in Vidja Games
District 9 is better.

Oh, we're talking about games aren't we?
2009 Aug 25 at 22:59 UTC
google chrome OS in Vidja Games
the_cloud_system said:

Chrome is decent.

Apart from the whole part where it swallows your thoughts and interests and internet usage as well as your soul and stores them binary digits.

It's a reasonable price to pay for eternal damnation.
2009 Aug 24 at 11:26 UTC
google chrome OS in Vidja Games
It's going to suck. Hard. The computing world and the every-day world has been used to the old shit for far too long.

Vista failed for a reason.
2009 Aug 24 at 11:23 UTC
No, as far as I can remember, the entire school routed through one computer, so either that or he came over to my house and did it one time. We had a bunch of people overstaying their welcome as well.

It honestly wasn't me though.
2009 Aug 24 at 11:07 UTC
Honestly, it's been forever, but I actually knew that guy personally. We went to the same school, so we probably both registered there. He was this really annoying dude named Steve who used to whine and bitch a lot and get on everyone's nerves in general.

But yeah.
2009 May 19 at 13:14 UTC
Jesus Christ, what the hell was going through my mind!?
2009 Mar 4 at 15:20 UTC
Dear god, I leave for a few months and this happens?
2008 Nov 18 at 22:05 UTC;12372191;/fileinfo.html

Link to beta version of addon.

Down Rodeo said:
CornJer said:
I wrote it from scratch

You didn't mention this, I am now more impressed. In fact, much more. I'll check the thread soon (no offence but I am always wary of going near facepunch).

It's actually not that bad, just don't go to the OIFYinternet Section unless you want the same shit from 4chan. I've been going there for a while, and though they ban real easily, if you keep your cool and act mature, you'll come out alright.

Down Rodeo said:
Also the computer it's running on isn't fantastic.

It's not the fastest but it runs gmod at least.
2008 Nov 18 at 03:45 UTC
I wrote it from scratch you ding dong. Plus a whole assload of others; I don't feel like posting pics, so here you go:
2008 Nov 16 at 19:55 UTC
I'm so.... in General
Havokk Edge said:
NatureJay said:
melloyellow582 said:
obviously havokk loves pretty ponies!

That's strange, I thought he loved the cock?

KFC is good.

I lol'd, hard.