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Sloth said:
your Other dad, besides me.

Chuck Norris is his own father.
Sloth said:
I've could take Edan's place.

Edan was so awesome even Chuck Norris would have difficulties taking Edan's place.
No. Because he was never gone.
Chuck Norris is always awesome unless he says otherwise. Never doubt that. Ever.

Sloth should get points for telling the truth. Jrkookid should be banned from the forums for heretic statements.
Chuck Norris will be joining the blue team. You don't say no to Chuck Norris.
If it featured Chuck Norris then yes.
Thus spoke Chuck Norris. And when Chuck Norris speaks, you listen.
SRAW said:
read the latest rule(ppl registered under a year get no influence)
and wat aironnoobjerk said
U dont get wat u ask for

Chuck Norris' word is the law no matter how long he's registered.
aaronjer said:
Go ahead. Talk about me. I dare you.

Chuck Norris talked about AJ behind his back and didn't have his title changed (because AJ still doesn't know who Chuck Norris really is).
Chuck Norris can beat Spartan and Ninja both at once with both his arms and legs tied behind his back. While sleeping.
Chuck Norris can post invisible text that no one can find.
btw admins, please do not tell anyone of my true identity.