Is Chuck Norris back?

Is Chuck Norris back?

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Chuck Norris
Can and WILL do the impossible in a humorous fashion

2009 Apr 26 • 10
No. Because he was never gone.
Chuck Norris once kicked SRAW so hard, SRAW went above light speed, traveled back in time and hit the Earth with tremendous force. And several millions of years later it is still believed that it was a meteor that caused the dinosaurs to die out.
2009 Jul 29 at 10:58 PDT

2008 May 18 • 543
Chuck Norris is everywhere, hes saving the world from alien danger. But he still got the power to watch over us all.

God created everything.
Chuck Norris Created god!
2009 Jul 29 at 11:04 PDT
polly pushy pants

2008 Aug 1 • 3080
-6 ₧
I drink to forget but I always remember.
2009 Jul 29 at 13:55 PDT
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