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2005 Dec 31 at 01:58 UTC
hammer 4 sdk problem in Hammer Mapping
hello, just incase if anyones having the toolappid problem ,here's 2 solutions wich usualy solve the problem:

go to and add "-beta sdk" without the quotes in the command line.

open your gameconfig.txt ( gameinfo.txt file? ) file and edit the line with "ToolAppID ..." to just "AppID ..." this is NOT the SteamAppID line, it's alomost at the verry top of the file , you cant miss it :)

hope this solves any of your problems concerning this problem, it had me stuck for 2 days ( beeing to stuborn to google for an answer... )
2005 Dec 31 at 01:54 UTC
CS_MCDIDDYS!!!!!! in Hammer Mapping
"superjer" said:
Cornell is high. I didn't make a mcdiddys map.

Somebody else did and I'm getting credit for it everywhere (but not on MY site) and it is WRONG.

well ur the brain behind mcdiddies ( or so i'm lead to beleive :) ) so i think you deserve as much credit as the leve ldesigner :) as yo
2005 Dec 31 at 01:53 UTC
that sounds like good ol escape maps, great idea :) hope it all works out, sounds like much fun to play :)
2005 Dec 31 at 01:52 UTC
thanks alot superjer, alot of good clear answers there, i think i shoudl start a notebook for my level design ideas, and maybe even for my newbish programming ( just started investing in vc++ this xmas )

also i'll try to get some texturing done, realy something 've wanted to learn for a long time ,but there's simple no explenation to be found via google as far as i know.

thanks a bunch :)

can't wait till ur new map, if it's as good as the otheres i'll sure have fun playing it as i did with the otheres. :)
2005 Dec 31 at 01:47 UTC
Sprites? wtf! in Hammer Mapping
add sprites in your gfx folder in cstrike ( or is there a sprites folder? ) make a filder in that folder iwht ur map name to keep em seperate, then make a .res file pointing to them so people will actually dl and see them in your map when they join a server.

1. no idea how to do this.. sounds useless anyway.

2. you need to trigger the game text by a buttron or other triggering entity.

3. make it a func wall, set the render mode to solid and the fx amout to 256 ( the highest value )

4. you need to extract the textures out of the bsp. with a seperate program or re-texture the map with excisting wad files found at , if you CAN'T texture the map then it's a bad .map file -_- i always choose to not decompile a map but re-make, it;s more fun, you learn more from it and it give it your own finishing touch, just raping someon elses map by copying it exactly and adding srpites is just not the way to go imo.

good luck -_-
2005 Dec 27 at 14:04 UTC
"jacksmoke234" said:

To make wads


i know how to makes wads, just the images that are actualy the textures.
2005 Dec 27 at 14:03 UTC
CS_MCDIDDYS!!!!!! in Hammer Mapping
"dburnell01" said:
Oh. Sup already did a mcdiddies map. Its on his site

sure this won't stop yee from making a ncie map yourslef :) make sure you credit superjer for the theme ect , mebby pimp his site on some texture or w/e.
2005 Dec 27 at 14:02 UTC
trigger_hurt in Hammer Mapping
"Spra*yeR" said:
Hi, im mapping for CS 1.6.

I have made all the floor in my map trigger_hurt, and i have added a texture. Then i compile my map, but when i open the map in CS, my floor is black and yellow ? How do i change that ?

entities can not be textured, you ned to make a floor block instead of the trigger hurt and make a tigger hurt block just above the ground, so it's not the floor hurtng you but the trigger just above it ( like 1 or 2 units i usualy do )

the only entities i'm aware of that will show ingame are func_walls and water entities., atleast the yare the ones that come to midn now, triggers can never be seen in the map, you make the architecture and place triggers over it so if the architecture is hit you wil trigger the trigger.

make sure you use the AAA texture or for hammer 4 the dev tools trigger texture so you can se clearly what your entities are.
2005 Dec 23 at 12:03 UTC
leaning flash in General
hey, getting a bit mroe into flash lateley made this thingy frame by frame, going to right way or not? any pointers or w/e would be nice :P

ther's the linky, hope you enjoy it :P
2005 Dec 22 at 16:31 UTC
Saddam The Twat in General
eddie murphy, i'm Racer - X , had a metamorphosis or w/e it's called in this language :)