One of the most EPIC map ideas! maybe..

One of the most EPIC map ideas! maybe..

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Was: pwnisher
2005 Apr 23 • 94
33 ₧
I'm thinking of a map called De_borderpatrol in which the ct's are preventing the terrorist beaners from crossing the border into the U.S.A.
The terrorists will have to scale walls and cros sriver in order to blow open a hole in the fence with their c4 bombs.
The ct will prevent this by spawning near gaurd towers and by fighting the terrorists.

I would try to make this map, but i have a short attention span and anything i do i quit 30 mins into the project. Therefore im leaving the idea open to any other map maker.

La Megra!
2005 Dec 28 at 22:27 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
Sounds fun actually. Not that I'M going to build it, but ya know...

BUT would it be better in SOURCE or 1.6??

The T's would have to be all scripted to die if they don't get into the USA after maybe 2 minutes or so. Otherwise they will camp and ruin it. They should get free armor and pistols only, maybe deagles or sommat. The CTs should have scouts only? Have to make it kind of fair...
2005 Dec 29 at 15:31 PST
Was: pwnisher
2005 Apr 23 • 94
33 ₧
Ive just realized that it might be better to have the terrorists to easily get into the border and then become hunted by the ct's. I think that the terrorists weapon sets should be glocks and mac 10's. Ct's will be given usps and either scouts or tmps. The terrorits should also have 1 cheap beaner van that can fit 7 or so terrorists in it. The rest can walk or swim. Possibly give the ct's some fast scouting vehicles and if possible with strong headlights as i think this map will be best played at night.

Having vehicles means it would be played on good ol' 1.6

I'm not too sure about the objectives though, possibly an Fy instead of DE map, if it was DE some of the bomb sites may include the ct immigration center wouch i would think would be a good spawn for the cts. There will be other spawns on the border with the scouts so the cts can pick early crossers off.

Still open to suggestions and input.
2005 Dec 29 at 17:14 PST
2005 Jul 19 • 61
30 ₧
that sounds like good ol escape maps, great idea :) hope it all works out, sounds like much fun to play :)
"Typing burns calories" -BioPulse
2005 Dec 30 at 17:53 PST
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