Very good book.

Very good book.

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Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
So a friend of mine turned me onto this book... now I gotta say, I normally don't read books, but the second I started reading this I couldn't stop.

I will warn in advance though, it does have a couple inappropriate words here and there, so prolly don't read it at work or anything (not that you should be reading books at work anyway ).

But without further ado, I bring you the link: click me
2011 Jul 11 at 20:20 PDT
My points value is a hilarious example of numerical humor.

2009 Dec 13 • 564
80,085 ₧
Can't stop laughing
2011 Jul 11 at 23:38 PDT
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2005 May 2 • 2066
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"And all those who love classic literature."

Nice. I like how this is on google books. "We have to conserve culture."
2011 Jul 12 at 01:32 PDT
polly pushy pants

2008 Aug 1 • 3079
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I drink to forget but I always remember.
2011 Jul 12 at 12:11 PDT
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