unexplained map error

unexplained map error

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2007 Dec 16 • 7
20 ₧
I'm not really sure what i do right now.I didn't get the rror it said on your tutorial, i got this....

hlvis: Error: Portal file 'tutmap.prt' does not exist, cannot vis the map

I'm not sure how to fix this,please help

2007 Dec 16 at 07:34 PST
2007 Nov 23 • 1
2 ₧
it means hlbsp didnt finish, probably due to an error. If it doesnt finish, it does not create the mapname.prt file, and hlvis doesnt know what to do, resulting in said error. post the whole log file and then we can try and help.
2007 Dec 27 at 14:00 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6513
Yup. There should be an error from HLBSP in your .log and maybe in your .err.
2008 Jan 1 at 14:07 PST
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