One weird question

One weird question

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2008 Jan 20 • 15
If you make a box, and hollow it so that your map stays inside it *you know, so you can design a sky etc* will it affect your things inside it?
I mean I tested one map and I encountered one problem:
-players can't move BUT one weird thing: I get a grenade, throw it; it will stay in air for 1 sec and fall right in front of me, no matter where I throw it. Then my health will slowly fall and finally I die but still, never move from the spawn point.

So, how can I fix this bug?

PS: It may remind you about my last topic, but they are different plates, different maps.


So this problem freaked me out. I deleted the hollow cube, and made other walls and it went smooth :| What is the explanation?
2008 Jan 22 at 09:08 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 22 at 10:26 PST
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I dont know. I wrap my maps in hallow brushes all the time.
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2008 Jan 22 at 10:40 PST
2008 Jan 20 • 15
Well I guess that'll be a lesson for me: Never use hollow shapes if you plan to walk inside them. But it is weird. I made a map, with a cube *no individual walls, just a hollow cube* and it worked; but now when I made a complexer map, it just wouldn't work. So that's why in both maps the players couldn't move...
If anyone can answer another question: at map properties you have Minimal light or something like that; what value should I give to that box so I have light all over my map?
2008 Jan 22 at 10:45 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
Hollowing should not cause the problem you are describing. You probably left a copy of the original (non-hollow) brush there too, which would explain everything. Those can be a bitch because you can't see a brush you are inside of in Hammer.

You should be using light entities in your map to make light. You should add a light_environment if you have any sky in your map, which will make the sky emit light. You can also use texture-lights to produce light.

If you MUST use the minlight option, set it to a value between 0.0 (no light) and 1.0 (full bright).
2008 Jan 22 at 15:55 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 22 at 15:56 PST
2008 Jan 20 • 15
I set it to 100 and it was fine :| Maybe we're talking of other things, other buttons...
2008 Jan 23 at 06:10 PST
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