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Recent posts by VeNaH

2008 Jan 24 at 12:17 UTC
Lol I'm out of ideas... in Hammer Mapping
LOL func_michaeljackson
Well I tried to make a house but it was more like a jail

Whoa... Quite hard :| I don't really master the "texture" making and curved passages (you know the doors with round tops). I mean I CAN NOT understand the vertex tool! And the clip one too. They are idk. Stupid?
2008 Jan 24 at 11:56 UTC
Lol I'm out of ideas... in Hammer Mapping
So, I am trying to make a map but I dunno what to do
So, I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas.

PS:Hope it's not off-topic...
2008 Jan 23 at 19:59 UTC
please help :D in Hammer Mapping
Pai hartile fy implica urmatoarele: sa fie simetrica, oarecum mica si sa aiba arme pe jos. Armele sunt entitati pe nume "armoury_entry"; dupa ce le-ai plasat (la fel ca si spawn points, in aer) dai clic dreapta si selectezi properties si selectezi arma care sa apara acolo.


Well fy maps involve next things: being symmetrical, kinda small and weapons being spawned on ground. You can add weapons by creating an entity (armoury_entry); after you placed them(they shouldn't be touching the ground) right click on them and select properties and then the type of weapon to be spawned with it.

I hope I am being useful!

2008 Jan 23 at 14:10 UTC
One weird question in Hammer Mapping
I set it to 100 and it was fine :| Maybe we're talking of other things, other buttons...
2008 Jan 23 at 13:32 UTC
I'm no noob superjer...

Well I am in mapping but not in CS...

But I fixed this problem: it appeared that the problem was a cube *yeah in both maps* that blocked the players... But I fixed that.

It was a blind shot, though. I didn't knew what could be the problem so I made another map with same problem, then threw a grenade *wasn't paying attention to the weapon I equipped lol :P* then I saw the glitch and removed the cube blah blah.

:) anyways thanks for all the help
2008 Jan 22 at 18:45 UTC
One weird question in Hammer Mapping
Well I guess that'll be a lesson for me: Never use hollow shapes if you plan to walk inside them. But it is weird. I made a map, with a cube *no individual walls, just a hollow cube* and it worked; but now when I made a complexer map, it just wouldn't work. So that's why in both maps the players couldn't move...
If anyone can answer another question: at map properties you have Minimal light or something like that; what value should I give to that box so I have light all over my map?
2008 Jan 22 at 17:45 UTC
it cant find my .wad file in Hammer Mapping
Ar trebui sa copiezi fisierul cstrike.WAD in folderul cs\cstrike. Dupa aia muta compilatorul(eu folosesc ZHLT) pe acelasi drive ca si jocul, reincarca texturile si recompileaza. Ar trebui sa mearga. Mi s-a intamplat si mie dar superjer m-a ajutat


You should copy the cstrike.wad in the cstrike sub-folder of the Counter-Strike folder. Then move the compilator(I use ZHLT) on the same drive as CS and reload the wads. It should work now. This happened to me too but superjer helped me out
2008 Jan 22 at 17:17 UTC
One weird question in Hammer Mapping
EDIT: SH guys... I refreshed the page and this topic appeared again... Sorry. Maybe you'll want to remove this Superjer
2008 Jan 22 at 17:08 UTC
One weird question in Hammer Mapping
If you make a box, and hollow it so that your map stays inside it *you know, so you can design a sky etc* will it affect your things inside it?
I mean I tested one map and I encountered one problem:
-players can't move BUT one weird thing: I get a grenade, throw it; it will stay in air for 1 sec and fall right in front of me, no matter where I throw it. Then my health will slowly fall and finally I die but still, never move from the spawn point.

So, how can I fix this bug?

PS: It may remind you about my last topic, but they are different plates, different maps.


So this problem freaked me out. I deleted the hollow cube, and made other walls and it went smooth :| What is the explanation?
2008 Jan 22 at 09:00 UTC
What do you mean by 'no gun'? Lol i have forgotten they are all green