please help :D

please help :D

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2008 Jan 22 • 52
Can someone tell me how to make FY_ maps like for example FY_DINOICEWORLD and where can I find the texture from fy_dinoiceworld please tell me
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2008 Jan 23 at 07:21 PST
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An fy_ map is the same as any other- just put the "fy_" prefix on the name (obviously the map style will be a bit different, I'm not familiar with the fy gametype).

As for getting the textures, use textract to get them out of the map.
2008 Jan 23 at 07:52 PST
2008 Jan 20 • 15
Pai hartile fy implica urmatoarele: sa fie simetrica, oarecum mica si sa aiba arme pe jos. Armele sunt entitati pe nume "armoury_entry"; dupa ce le-ai plasat (la fel ca si spawn points, in aer) dai clic dreapta si selectezi properties si selectezi arma care sa apara acolo.


Well fy maps involve next things: being symmetrical, kinda small and weapons being spawned on ground. You can add weapons by creating an entity (armoury_entry); after you placed them(they shouldn't be touching the ground) right click on them and select properties and then the type of weapon to be spawned with it.

I hope I am being useful!

2008 Jan 23 at 11:59 PST

2008 Jan 22 • 52
yeah but how do I use textract?? coes I'm a begginer and........:D please help
2008 Jan 24 at 07:49 PST
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