it cant find my .wad file

it cant find my .wad file

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2008 Jan 22 • 52
when i try to compile it it sais taht it wasnt compiled because it couldn't fin .WAD

P.S. could it be meibe if the first time I havent found the csrtike.wad file in my cs ,and got it from a frien of mine?

Like in ROmanian Multumesc anticipat (it means Anticipated thank you)
2008 Jan 22 at 06:14 PST
2008 Jan 20 • 15
Ar trebui sa copiezi fisierul cstrike.WAD in folderul cs\cstrike. Dupa aia muta compilatorul(eu folosesc ZHLT) pe acelasi drive ca si jocul, reincarca texturile si recompileaza. Ar trebui sa mearga. Mi s-a intamplat si mie dar superjer m-a ajutat


You should copy the cstrike.wad in the cstrike sub-folder of the Counter-Strike folder. Then move the compilator(I use ZHLT) on the same drive as CS and reload the wads. It should work now. This happened to me too but superjer helped me out
2008 Jan 22 at 09:45 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 22 at 09:51 PST
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