Light environment settings

Light environment settings

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2009 Nov 2 • 68
ok i put light environment on my map but its still dark and my settings are 255 255 255 200 for color then the rest default and i have a sky texture but when i go in my map its really dark :[
2009 Dec 8 at 23:41 UTC

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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Where did you put it?
2009 Dec 9 at 01:49 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6654
Make sure the light_environment is in playable space. Make sure it has line-of-sight to the sky (not sure if this matters nowadays).

Also pay attention to the angle of the light_environment, if it is shining in the wrong direction it could be dark.

Also it only creates light from your SKY surfaces so if they are small or few, you will have little light.

Also, in my experience, 255 255 255 200 is too dark for a sunny day, so crank up the 200.
2009 Dec 9 at 03:49 UTC — Ed. 2009 Dec 9 at 03:50 UTC

2009 Nov 2 • 68
I tried and it still doesnt work for me

do i need to add env_sun for it work i really never use light_environment but i really want to for this map im making

and my hole roof is sky texture so i know thats working
2009 Dec 9 at 19:22 UTC — Ed. 2009 Dec 9 at 19:25 UTC
Big Boss

2009 Jul 15 • 25
Goldsrc engine supported env_sun? That's sort of new to me.
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2009 Dec 10 at 06:58 UTC
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