how do i make a car that you can steer

how do i make a car that you can steer

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Gee That wrong her is The real Tutorial

first of all make your vehicle, make it so it faces west, also you will need to put a brush in the middle of your vehicle with the texture "origin" which can be found in half-life.wad, tie all of the brushes that make the vehicle. Now you want to select the vehicle and hiy ctrl+T to tie it to an entity, select func_vehicle from the drop down list, name your vehicle "vehicle1", in "first stop target put "stop1". Now create the entity "path_track" this is were you want your vehicle to start, name it "stop1", then in the field "next stop target" put "stop2", create another path_track and name it "stop2" this is the direction you want your vehicle to face, for stop2 in the field "next stop target put "stop1". Now for the controls, put a brush were you want to control the vehicle from, remember that the player will have to stand into the brush to control the vehicle not next to it. Use the aaatrigger texture and tie it to entity, select func_vehiclecontrols from the list, in the only field put "vehicle1".

i hope i didnt forget anything but thats it... i think

man am I tired
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wait......ok if i do that will it work, and how do i make the car so u can drive it anywhere you want and do i need to make a AAAtexture and tie that with the care too? o and how do i make it so the button moves with the car, cus i tried grouping the button with the car but didnt work o yea and everytime i start the map the button and the car at at different places, also when i press the button it only moves a little bit then stops i want it to keep goin until i make it stop
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How do i make a trap door to open (down)
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If you really want that level of vehicle functionality I advise, say, the Battlefield series.

Trapdoors... I dunno.
2008 Mar 19 at 05:42 UTC

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for a trap door you can have a rotating door (theres a tutorial) or have a func_breakable brush that breaks when you step on it, so the player falls into whatever you made.
2008 Mar 19 at 14:09 UTC

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for a trap door that opens not breaks you need to make a rotating door :

1 make your door brush ( can be composed from as many brushes as you want )

2 make a smaller brush (where the hinge would go ) and put the "Origin" texture on it ( found in zhtl.wad , halflife.wad ) the door will rotate around the middle of the origin-brush

3 now select your door-brush and origin-brush ( by holding down Ctrl ) and press Cntrl + T , to make it an entity , from the list select " func_door_rotating " , you can set the distance the door will open by default its 90 deg

4 to make it rotate on X or Y axis , select your door and press alt + enter to see its properties , cilck the "flags" and there check X or Y axis for a trap door it should be X axis i think
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