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Recent posts by IIopn

Recent posts by IIopn

2009 Jan 24 at 09:03 UTC
Down Rodeo said:
eDan Co. said:
posting more times will actually decrease your chance of getting good help.

Because we hate you.

Nah, I'm kidding. I'm totally not.

Down Rodeo , Your MEAN!
2009 Jan 6 at 11:03 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
2009 Jan 4 at 12:44 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
Found em!
but it only gives me the models and the sprites
i have to get the sound files myself (from the internet;I can't believe that i found one!)
2008 Dec 23 at 13:42 UTC
Turbo Charge in Hammer Mapping
scorch-1995 said:
Mate de Vita said:
you need to set a fgd file...

in hammer go to:
Tools->Options->Game Configurations->Game Data Files box
and tell the VHE to use this file.

Works perfectly! Thank you very much!

didn't you read Superjer's TUtorial???????????
2008 Dec 23 at 13:39 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
SRAW said:
hahaha ilopn doesnt have hl2 hahaahah
i suggest that now u should resort to making the files from scratch, i mean valve did it

what are you Nuts ?
No way I can't do that
i can only hack models
i can't even texture
2008 Dec 22 at 11:37 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
SRAW said:
he wants every weapon idiot

ilopn, i suggest u learn how to use gmax or milkshape 3d

I already know how BUT
I don't have HL2
so I don't have the material or The Decompiler
2008 Dec 21 at 02:52 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
Down Rodeo said:
IIopn said:
give ME the link to Download it not where to search it!

Now you're just being greedy and lazy. I mean, it's what we'd have to do, and if we can do it, so can you.

Hey i'm Not Lazy I've already search it almost everywhere tried google and filefront too none of them give me the one I wanted
So i'm asking any of you guys if you know where I can get 1

Ow yeah I've found the website but it's in filefront
I don't know which one I've tried download them all but none of them are THE ONE
2008 Dec 20 at 11:22 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
Havokk Edge said:

None of them gave me the right one
give ME the link to Download it not where to search it!
2008 Dec 20 at 02:06 UTC
HL2 for HL1 in General
can anyone give me a link where i can get a HL2 weapon model for HL1 please?
because I found this video and I want one
2008 Nov 16 at 13:13 UTC
Sorry dude can't help ya
I have no Idea what causing it it never happened to me
EDIT:Ok now I can't help you on the moving thing but I can Help you about how to make a model you can climb on
Ok Here it goes:
-insert a model(for example tree)Note:It must be a cycler_sprite use cs-expert.fgd
-make a brush shape like the tree's body then just change the render mode to texture and change the render FX to 0
-make a func_ladder brush