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Get Learned!TUTORIAL

"I want to make CS maps but don't know where to start!"

I hear this all the time. And instead of kicking people in the face and throwing them in the gutter for trying to talk to me, I thought I'd change my ways and write this little helpy page. Note: this is for people who have ABSOLUTELY no clue about making maps for HL or HL mods. So, if that is you, and you need to be told what to do, read on, little doggy!

This guide is NOT for CS:Source or HL2 etc.

This guide IS for original Counter-Strike (v1.6 or older). However, it is a good starting point to learn to map for similar games.

Step 1 - Get the DopeINSTALL

You can't make something out of nothing, so grab yourself a shiny new copy of the "Valve Hammer Editor" and also get the "ZHLT Compilers". These are absolutely required to make maps for HL games.

Direct link to Hammer Editor (v3.4)
Direct link to ZHLT Compilers (v2.53r17)

The Valve Hammer Editor is what you will use to design your map. It lets you decide the placement of walls, textures, player starts etc.. ZHLT converts, or compiles your design so that Half-Life can load and play it.

Install Hammer. It may give you a hard time about installing to C:\Program Files (x86)\, so put it in C:\Hammer\ instead. Doesn't really matter where.

After installing, go ahead and start Hammer. Click NO when it asks you something upon starting up. You should look at the help guide later but for now it has too much information all at once. Then you should see something similar to this:

It's time to configure!

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