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What is SuperJer.com?

Most people would tell you SuperJer.com is a web site, but it is so much more.

SuperJer.com is also a web portal, a web destination, an intellectual playground, a hub of modern communication, and a murderer.

It all started in 1997 when a guy named Jer started Forklift Productions to create Duke Nukem 3D expansions. Mildy successful, Forklift released Complex, The Prequel to Time, and TIME (beta) to rave reviews.

Nearing the new millenium, Duke 3D was going out of style faster than you can say "diabolical recourse", and Half-Life/Counter-Strike was the obvious successor. At the same time, Jer was beginning to accept his nickname, SuperJer, which was thrust upon him by substance-abusing high schoolers.

So on November 15, 2000, SuperJer opened SuperJer.com to spread to the world love and hope and fried sweets and murder.

Jer has a brother, Aaron. One day a strange woman asked Aaron, "If Jer is SuperJer, then what are you?"

"AaronJer," he replied.

It all made sense now. In the following months, many people voluntarily assumed -Jer names, including MikeJer, MomJer, GaryJer, HebrewJer, and so on.

Everyone was excited and confused, except SuperJer who was confused and upset.

In spite of the chaos, SuperJer went on to create and release many a Counter-Strike map, some of which became quite popular, like awp_city and awp_l337sk337.

Being complete Counter-Strike junkies since the earliest betas, SuperJer and AaronJer enjoyed watching unsophisticated Flash fan-imations about the game. These frequently featured a pimp mobile and a lot of very bad drawing and animation. Being Flash noobs, SuperJer and AaronJer decided one Saturday to attempt to make the worst CS Flash toon ever. Philor helped too. They called the toon McDiddy's and started letting people watch it FOR FREE on July 30, 2004, not knowing what would happen.

Traffic came pouring in as word spread about McDiddy's. SuperJer had to buy an Enterprise-class web server and bandwidth to support all the viewers. Traffic increased by over 1,000,000%, which is like going from 0.5 visitors a day to 5,000 a day! (Half a visitor would be a Canadian.) Millions of people came to see McDiddy's. It was expensive.

SuperJer had started playing competitive CS in 2003 with team Soviet Postal Service, which included MikeJer and some Canadians. Dissapointed with de_aztec2, SuperJer and the team created de_contra which was ported to CSS and is probably still the top competition map in CSS.

In 2005, MikeJer -- who just can't get enough Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- opened the Buffy episode review section of SuperJer.com. MikeJer's Buffy site edged out the competition and now holds the #1 spot on Google for buffy reviews. (Everything SuperJer touches turns to gold.)

More recently, SuperJer & GaryJer released McDiddy's 2, and more CS maps. Now SuperJer is working on a McDiddy's game, which will rock your face until it's moist and remarkably blemish-free.

So that's SuperJer.com, The Only Site on the InternetTM.

Contact SuperJer

Want to contact SuperJer? Send email to this address: superjer(at)superjer(dot)com
It's not a real link and you should put "ruckus" in the subject line to bypass the draconian spam filter.

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