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Recent posts by supermap777

Recent posts by supermap777

2014 Feb 4 at 09:27 UTC
Machingun with grenades! in Hammer Mapping
You can copaste these working machine guns & cannons

2014 Feb 4 at 09:05 UTC
creating animal in Hammer Mapping
Here is the easier solution
I made some various animals & hostages using the available .mdl files.
it's killable like chicken in cs_italy and respawn every round, the hostage also has the full animation movement.
2014 Feb 4 at 08:33 UTC
button inside the elevator? in Hammer Mapping
Here is the advanced modern elevator gor cs 1.6 & cs cz it works 100%
2014 Feb 4 at 07:52 UTC
Raising water on VHE? in Hammer Mapping
Masta Frank said:
Heres how to do it. you have to fine tune it though. make a block and tie it to func_water. then name it water and(or whtever) set the render mode to "texture - some light" if u want it to b transparent. set fx amount to however much transparency u need. go to yaw and click the down arrow and change it to "up". delay it for at least .2 secs. go to "lip" and change it to 1 for now (just to make sure it works). set contents to water (or lava ha). and the wave height can be changed if u want waves. then make another box and tie it to func_button (or some sort of a trigger). set the target to "water" (or whtever u named it). thts about it, if u want the button to go into the wall change the lip to 5 or whtever suits u and then test your map to make sure it works. it should rise and then fall. u can make it rise and stay there by changing the reset attribute in func_water to -1.

You can also make the water to be flowing like a river - moving the floating boxes or vehicle/boat on the water surface. Example map: csde_canelli
the map source file is available free for download, so you can learn and recompile it.
2014 Feb 3 at 14:57 UTC
That animal is like a chicken in cs_italy func_breakable , etc.
official maps are boring, they are too ordinary, lack of features and variations that half-life engine can do (cars, boats, bomb, traps, machine gun, cannon, cool hostages, water that can flow pushing the boats moving, rising water level, simple lift, advanced lift, etc)

I made some prefabs of them in new people are still coming do mapping cs 1.6, you can see their activities in, the mapping community of half-life modification games are seems already or at least almost dead, except the counter-strike 1.6 + cs source + cs cz + cs go mappers, they are still alive, the most active one that still creating maps, combined total of around 40000 maps; followed by tfc + tfc s in 2nd rank with only around 4000 maps; and the 3rd rank is dod + dod s with only around 2500 maps.

I am no longer active mapping. Surely, one day we will back to play counter-strike in the future. It's time to move on ! Cheers !
2014 Feb 3 at 06:22 UTC
Dear superjer

Few years ago I want to make a cs map, looking for tutorials but found nothing is easy to follow, but I found your site.

thanks for share this really useful tutorial
I think and believe that one is the best tutorial you are sharing to all beginner mappers (newbie/noob), best in the world or internet, what I mean that the tutorial has so much detail explanation and instructions along with pictures illustrated, it just so clear and easy for everyone to understand, create a counter-strike 1.6 map and compile it (unlike other tutorials).

It would be better if you provide more tutorial, kind an intermediate tutorial such as how to create killable animal, vehicle, weapons, cctv/cams dan so on like those on

thank you very much.
by the way, here is the maps I created and submitted to.
I have submitted some prefabs that could help other mappers as well