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Recent posts by Stupideye

2007 Apr 28 at 19:15 PDT
Lol, you can't read what he said because your flash isn't working. And I thought melloyellow582 made up excuses
2007 Apr 28 at 19:10 PDT
Well, I have a xbox 360 and a 32' screen HD LCD TV and the graphics are to drool for

My bro has a Wii, the graphics are nothing special, maybe just as good or a little better then the origional Xbox and the wost part is that LCD (or HD
) for the Wii makes no diffrence then normal TV's (they arn't HD or LCD compatible) I don't know about the PS3 though, I don't know anyone who has one *cough* 'cause they suck *cough*.

Yeah so just buy an Xbox 360 and make Bill Gates richer.
2007 Apr 28 at 18:44 PDT
Want a CS map? in Hammer Mapping
Hello! I've been mapping for a bit and I want to get some more experience. I will be accepting any maps you guys want (as long as it isn't tooo compicated). Just fill out my form:

Description of map (please be very descriptive, or I can't help you) -

Map size (please not too big as I don't want to take a month for each map) -

Map name -

Theme (industrial, realistic, made up place) -

What CS version ( 1.6, conditon zero, source, 1.5) -

Current people mapping for us:

Stupideye (working on a personal map, nearly done)

FearMarine (empty)

(empty - not working on a map. working - working on a map)
2007 Apr 23 at 14:55 PDT
Lol you play Runescape? That has got to be the nerdyest and gayest games ever lmao.
2007 Apr 23 at 14:54 PDT
Looking for a game in Vidja Games
I got all my sniping skillz from CS:S.
2007 Apr 23 at 14:48 PDT
where can i upload my map?? in Hammer Mapping is a popular mapping site so if you want your map to get some popularity go there.
2007 Mar 31 at 12:24 PDT
McDiddy's Game in Other Help
If you guys wanna try making a game with something other then flash, I know of a cool program called Game Maker ( I used it before and its easy to learn.
2007 Mar 31 at 10:38 PDT
I HATE the PS3! It would take to long to explain how crappy it is but kr3wskat3r basicly said it all, and it looks like a George Foreman Grill. I think the Xbox 360 is the best 'cause it has the best games (Oblivion, Gears of War, Rainbow 6: Vegas and many more) and awesome online play.
2007 Mar 31 at 10:31 PDT
Please Help Me in Hammer Mapping
"melloyellow582" said:
im no expert but i would say something exploded.

Quite right, it appears you have a ton of brushes outside of your map. I only map in CS:S and this looks like CZ so try looking outside your skybox (look outside the box! ) and check for any brushes sitting around.
2007 Mar 31 at 10:26 PDT
Mapping help (SDK) in Hammer Mapping
I'd try to Google it, or go to and ask on the forums there.