Looking for a game

Looking for a game

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2007 Mar 27 • 4
10 ₧
Hey guys
I'm looking for a Sniper game a long time.
Because I want to train my sniper skill for Battlefield 2
Maybe some of u know such a game......
2007 Apr 14 at 14:53 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6636
I don't know of any sniping-only games.

You can do a lot of sniping in CS if you play against bots, give yourself $$ and buy sniper rifles every round.

You can snipe a lot in any Hitman game, especially if you collect a sniper rifle and bring it on all the missions with you. You might need to use some cheats, too.

I played one of those WWII games that had an awful lot of sniping through one section. It was a sniper war as in the movie "Enemy at the Gates". I don't remember which WWII game that was though. Anyone?
2007 Apr 14 at 18:58 UTC
SJA: Sniper (P.L.Z.)
Expert Rifleman Medal
2005 Aug 7 • 385
29 ₧
I gained my gaming skill from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory... Specially sniping.

Games that resemble "Enemy at the gates" are Call of Duty and err... Call of Duty 2? :D
2007 Apr 15 at 07:46 UTC
2005 Aug 30 • 27
28 ₧
I got all my sniping skillz from CS:S.
2007 Apr 23 at 21:54 UTC
Was: pwnisher
2005 Apr 23 • 94
33 ₧
There really isn't a distinct skill for sniping in most fps's. There are some simulators such as SniperElite. All you have to work on is pointing and shooting. In bf2 all you need to do is...
1:Get Sniper rifle
2:Aim at someone not moving at their head, or if they are moving, judge where they will be when the bullet reaches them.
3.Repeat if neccesary.
For a quick kill if your using the .50 cal, m24, or l96 pull out your pistol and shoot if you didn't get the kill but still hit.
2007 May 13 at 04:50 UTC
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