Want a CS map?

Want a CS map?

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2005 Aug 30 • 27
28 ₧
Hello! I've been mapping for a bit and I want to get some more experience. I will be accepting any maps you guys want (as long as it isn't tooo compicated). Just fill out my form:

Description of map (please be very descriptive, or I can't help you) -

Map size (please not too big as I don't want to take a month for each map) -

Map name -

Theme (industrial, realistic, made up place) -

What CS version ( 1.6, conditon zero, source, 1.5) -

Current people mapping for us:

Stupideye (working on a personal map, nearly done)

FearMarine (empty)

(empty - not working on a map. working - working on a map)
2007 Apr 29 at 01:44 UTC

2006 Sep 11 • 115
16 ₧
Make a realistic car lot underground with 3 floors and cars in it. I can help you by making the cars, like mdl or like world in vhe.
I want to make a HL mod! Doing everythig with HL except coding C++ | its not interesting to work alone
2007 May 19 at 01:26 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6636
Somebody needs to make a good hospital map.

Hospitals are awesome.
2007 May 21 at 21:54 UTC
2007 Jun 17 • 12
7 ₧
yea, or a de_school or cs_school where the CTs are rescuing the teachers! (only nerds woud be CTs then.. ) T RULES!! AK47 RULES!! I RULES!!
C-T | Inex - Web master. - CS 1.6 Mapper. - Leader.
2007 Jun 17 at 18:30 UTC
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