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Recent posts by buckjer

Recent posts by buckjer

2006 Nov 9 at 19:29 PST
you make horrible maps!!!! im the creator of surf maps, yes i am, please no para ratzi......grrrrr...i miss the good ol days where hammer was notepad...LOL ye r1ght..but n e way......why make a website for tutorials and maps when there are already like 1000000...just go get trashed and get some ass, dont waste ur time on CS ull never get hot girls or money .. swear to god...k <3
2006 Oct 12 at 03:30 PDT
McDiddys 3 in General
work in progress
2006 Oct 12 at 03:30 PDT
If you ban me who will donate you a kidney?
2006 Oct 11 at 19:39 PDT
"general_zim" said:
*pulls revolver from holister*

he asked, cash or credit?

And no, I'm not Zarathustra's hitman. I work alone, and I pay myself.

yay you shop at holister? prep like me?
2006 Oct 11 at 19:38 PDT
[b]Breakable Glass[/b] in Hammer Mapping
you guys are noob mappers. dont listen to them

do func_breakable but also set render mode to texture and set amount to 185


or do a func inv and make an aa trigerr around it...blah, thats only to get past the decal flood glitch in hl :X
2006 Oct 11 at 19:36 PDT
I say yes, I'm sick of the dirty dancing inuendo hair style on aaronjer. Suggestions / Opinions?
2006 Oct 11 at 19:35 PDT
HIT COUNTER! in General
"angryhuman" said:
Um... My website isn't worthless! You totally sent me fan mail, SuperJer! Someone likes me!

I'd use your SuperCounter, however, I have my own counters on my site, that I wrote in CGI/Perl. I'm quite gifted in the coding area.

I don't know how to say this but: i'm kind of a big deal, people know me......
2006 Oct 11 at 19:33 PDT
McDiddys 3 in General
I'm working on a music track for mcdiddys 3. So far the intro scene is done, as far as the content itself: WIP (oh no acronym). Superjer is busy with alot of things so he will update you when it is done, or when next april fools comes around.

2006 Oct 1 at 16:46 PDT
all who agree say "i"
2006 Aug 4 at 07:51 PDT
your going to die tommorow