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Recent posts by ascv

2018 Dec 14 at 14:48 PST
A dick pimple

President Putin’s approval rating shot to nearly 100% when the Russian government began a dick pimple.
In the dressing room at Marshall’s, I found a dick pimple sticking to the wall.
Each of the victims is a dick pimple in the ocean of life!
At LAX travelers were horrified to see a dick pimple spilling onto the baggage carousel, then one after another.
While I was out the Roomba got into a dick pimple and was caressing my face.
Designed as a feature meant to enhance pleasure, the sex toy will robotically call out “a dick pimple,” over and over again while in use.

singular noun

A long stringy anus hair

Can you call poison control? My daughter just swallowed a long stringy anus hair.
In my wild days I was getting snapped in half, among other crimes. They finally caught me doing it with a long stringy anus hair on the New Mexico border.
The refugees must be relocated because the shelter is right on top of a long stringy anus hair.
The area around Fukushima has become a ghost town with a long stringy anus hair slowly overtaking the buildings.
Zaloxocor is not for everyone. Side effects include oil-covered birds, a long stringy anus hair, dry mouth, and electric sex.
I prayed to God for a long stringy anus hair, and God delivered!

singular noun

2016 Oct 7 at 15:09 PDT
Sick vid
2016 Aug 26 at 10:52 PDT
the sticky phase of my life n

Back in my day, we only had the sticky phase of my life for an oblong breast and we LIKED IT.
My teacher graded my paper F because I wrote about the sticky phase of my life.
USGS seismologist Lucy Jones said the 5.1 quake has a 5% chance of being the sticky phase of my life.
The two biggest floats at the Macy’s Parade this year are a slut who deserved it and the sticky phase of my life.
“You didn’t even get me anything for my birthday!” “Yes I did, remember the sticky phase of my life?”
In Brea several people suffered minor injuries during the sticky phase of my life that overturned their car.

2016 Feb 19 at 13:10 PST
The Zen of Jer Lang in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
SuperJer said:
Things that are the same should look the same. Things that are different should look different.

This is the most often violated aphorism.

To be fair, it is the only aphorism currently.

SuperJer said:
I think 50% of all features across languages violate this right off the bat.

50.000024% IMHO
2015 Sep 21 at 13:01 PDT
da faq
2015 Aug 14 at 13:30 PDT
The Quiet Truck in General
SuperJer said:
FallingShit said:
jeff is wizlord said:
ascv said:
SuperJer said:

2015 Aug 14 at 10:55 PDT
The Quiet Truck in General
SuperJer said:

2015 Mar 6 at 19:01 PST
Sick vid
2014 Oct 7 at 17:17 PDT
I can confirm this is not shopped (I saw it in RL).
2014 May 23 at 21:38 PDT
New Minecraft Server in Vidja Games