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Count Adelaide

Roar Of The Tigress Medal
2007 Jun 24 • 84
68 ₧
Mate de Vita said:
omg I'm such a dumbass :X
15:43:42 EDT
Mate de Vita said:
I tried to log in to battle.net from another computer and now I can't log in to US West any more.
15:43:50 EDT
Mate de Vita said:
And my brother says this is for 30 days...
15:43:53 EDT
Mate de Vita said:
30 DAYS!
15:44:16 EDT
Mate de Vita said:
I'm gonna kill someone at blizzard for this.
16:14:07 EDT
Mate de Vita said:
I was so angry I nearly strangled my cat.
16:14:18 EDT
Mate de Vita said:
And by nearly I mean I would've if I had one.
17:54:20 EDT
reece said:
you play too much wow then.
18:41:44 EDT
NatureJay said:
A girl sitting across from me in the lounge is methocially pressing Sun Chips into her mouth.
18:42:08 EDT
NatureJay said:
She stairs blankly into the the wall, seeming to take no heed of what is around her.
Make awkward sexual advances, not war.
Down Rodeo said:
Dammit, this was the one place that didn't have this, but noooooo, molkman pisses all over that
2009 Jun 17 at 16:31 PDT
SJA: Commander of Ruthless Abuse

Good Conduct Medal
2005 Mar 22 • 1871
574 ₧
Havokk Edge said:

NatureJay said:

wooo-ooo, wooo-ooo, naturejay, he needs to get more than five hours of sleep at some point, wooo-ooo
100% natural, no antibiotics, and bloodgrass-fed
2009 Jun 17 at 18:24 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
NatureJay said:
more than five hours of sleep

Let me know how if you find a way.
2009 Jun 17 at 18:42 PDT
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