pc problems...

pc problems...

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2010 Mar 8 • 232
hello, i thought u know alot about pc so i wanted to ask about a problem i got.
My computer wont turn on normally. the light will go on the blue one and the red one but then the red one turns off and no boot. when it works, the red will flash. I dont know the problem, first it hought ram, then energy, then video, now BIOS but i dont know, i get it to turn on randomly, trying to take all ram out, disconnecting and connecting all, connecting different outlet, reseting BIOS, nothing, today i jsut opened the CD thingy and it beep once then it turned on. i once got 8 beeps, another 9 and today 7. ?
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2013 Jan 14 at 14:50 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
Sounds like it is possessed.

If I were you, I'd remove everything I possibly could from it. Extra drives, video card (if you have onboard). All but one RAM module.

Try that, then swap for a different RAM module.

Then if it's still crazy it must be the mobo pretty much. You can try a new BIOS but you'll probably need to replace hardware.
2013 Jan 14 at 15:51 PST — Ed. 2013 Jan 14 at 15:51 PST

2009 May 13 • 905
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Yeah, test-bench. Don't make all these changes willy-nilly, when something works you won't know what worked. Do it methodically, scientifically.

As SoupRadar said, strip it completely down to barebones. Pull everything out of the case, disconnect everything except leave the CPU and HSF on the motherboard. Then, on a non-conductive surface (NOT an anti-static bag, use non-glossy corrugated cardboard imo), lay out your mobo with the CPU/HSF still attached, but no RAM. Wire it up to the PSU, turn it on, see what happens. Those beeps mean things, you can reference them in the manual for your motherboard. Next add one stick of ram, repeat. Cycle all of your RAM one stick at a time through that last test. If everything passes, add in keyboard, mouse, all your RAM, and if you have onboard video then plug a monitor in too. Boot up, what happens? If it's all good, add your video card next. If it's still good, add your primary hard drive. Keep going until everything is reattached. If it all works properly outside of the case, you probably had an internal short, so be more careful when placing everything back into the case.
2013 Jan 14 at 16:57 PST — Ed. 2013 Jan 14 at 16:59 PST
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