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Recent posts by phoenix_r

2021 Nov 23 at 22:17 PST
Trying to find a user. in User Discussions
melloyellow582 said:
this is why this is still the best website

no u r
2021 Nov 23 at 22:16 PST
HA remembered my login in User Discussions
Alright. Let’s toss the ball around.
2021 Jun 24 at 19:57 PDT
SuperJer said:
well I made this all myself so it's probably one-of-a-kind

and yeah it's dead. but you can still look at its lifeless corpse

so enjoy!

I'll...I'll be in my bunk...
2020 May 25 at 09:39 PDT
Covid-19 sucks in General
Shouts out to Norwalk.
2020 May 25 at 09:38 PDT
My wife got tested before going to an annual doctor's visit, they make everybody get tested before they come in. She didn't have it. I imagine if she doesn't I probably don't, but haven't been tested myself. Stay the fuck at home.
2020 May 25 at 09:36 PDT
Is it worth to post here? in Hammer Mapping
jocasrb said:
Come back after 2 years!

Hey guys, i see i promised i will post images/explanation of it, but fu*k i was busy in that period, now im not working with maps anymore, but came here to say, we still play this map (in Serbia its renamed to: awp_skok (who knows who did it, and who knows when...))

Have a nice day guys!

Right on! Pretty cool how something Superjer made almost 20 years ago has such a legacy.
2019 Jul 29 at 16:32 PDT
It's been a decade .. in User Discussions
2019 May 28 at 21:51 PDT
2018 Jun 21 at 19:00 PDT
A  {n} worth commenting on.

A the princess’s saliva worth commenting on.
A a bunch of vulvas in my face worth commenting on.
A black market lungs worth commenting on.
A baseless hatred worth commenting on.
A a crouton worth commenting on.
A what the dog ate worth commenting on.