Need help understanding the logics in sk337 spawning.

Need help understanding the logics in sk337 spawning.

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2011 Dec 10 • 1
Hi! I am trying to understand how to do spawnpoints like in the awp_snowsk1337 map.

I have downloaded the source for the map but things just get messy in my head trying to understand wich triggers are for what and so on.

I saw a post in this forum where a guy linked to a more simple map with just 2 spawnpoints for one player. Here is the map

Here is a list of the map's entities and values.

I understand the 5 first entrys on the list but after that things is too hard for me to overview and understand.

Mainly I don't understand the func_door and multimanagers.

I hope that someone could explain to me in a logical way how those things work. A Tutorial with pictures would be perfect but necessary. I would appreciate if anyone could present a "logical scheme(?)" of the function with spawning points.

I have tried to explain as good as I can and hope that someone could spend some time helping me.

/thankyou and thank you in advance.
2011 Dec 10 at 08:48 UTC

2005 Mar 21 • 6636
I completely forget how the spawns work, too. :(

It was so many years ago.

But I do know how the func_door and multimanagers work.

The func_door has a target of "change_spawn1" at first, but its target is changed to "change_spawn2" and back by the trigger_changetargets.

The func_door fires every round, at the beginning of the round. In CS there's no way to even prevent this.

"change_spawn1" and "...2" are multi_managers. multi_managers, when triggered, trigger every target in their list at the specified times. (You need to turn off SmartEdit to see the list.)

For example a multi_manager might have the following properties:
cheese 1
goat 1.5
vermicelli 7

When triggered, it will wait 1 second and then trigger "cheese", wait 0.5 more seconds and trigger "goat" and wat 5.5 more seconds and trigger "vermicelli".

I hope this is helpful.
2011 Dec 28 at 12:03 UTC
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