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2009 May 13 • 905
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One of my classmates listens to all the same bands I thought were cool in middle school, when they were first achieving mainstream recognition - Metallica (when I said I was one of the many myriad Metallica fans that only likes one particular album she guessed Load ), kr0n, Marilyn Manson...then she asked if I liked Puddle of Mud and I disgustedly told her I would *never* listen to Puddle of Mud - turns out she had it playing through her headphones as I spoke those words

I think for next class I want to burn her an MP3 CD with some really awesome metal and rock-n-roll. My plan was to include mostly less-accessible stuff, and then point her towards the stuff that's widely available. The new Wolves in the Throneroom album is most excellent (PNW represent boooiiiii) so I'll probably include that, maybe both Red Fang albums (how is PNW sooo good at metal?! - must be all the gloomy weather...), Oakhelm, Windir, maybe the new Boris 'Heavy Rocks' album just for kicks.

My question to you is this: if you could make one MP3 CD to turn somebody on to all things good in metal, a sort of highlight reel of bands that aren't as widely known as Priest or Maiden, what would you include?! While the format I've chosen is an MP3 CD with complete albums, if you wanted to design a mix cd with individual tracks that would be great too!

tl;dr: Tell me all your favorite metals!
2011 Oct 4 at 08:39 PDT
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2009 Nov 13 • 2045
Well, I think Metallica blows... so, you prolly don't want my opinion on "good" metal xP
2011 Oct 4 at 08:46 PDT

2009 May 13 • 905
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Rockbomb said:
Well, I think Metallica blows... so, you prolly don't want my opinion on "good" metal xP

Every Metallica album except for "Kill 'Em All" is a steaming pile of terrible, so I probably still do!
2011 Oct 4 at 10:07 PDT
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2008 Aug 1 • 3080
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1.The O`Jays - Love Train
2.Slayer - Raining Blood
3.ARCH ENEMY - We Will Rise
4.Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
5.Powerglove - Tetris
6.Sonata Arctica - The boy who wanted to be a real puppet
7.stratovarius - forever is today
8.Swashbuckle - Jolly Roger
10.Children of Bodom - If You Want Peace... Prepare For War!
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2011 Oct 4 at 20:05 PDT
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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1. Dream Theater - Pull me under
2. Dream Theater - The killing hand
3. Dream Theater - The mirror
4. Dream Theater - Blind Faith
5. Dream Theater - The great debate
6. Dream Theater - Home
7. Dream Theater - As I am
8. Dream Theater - Forsaken
9. Dream Theater - Panic Attack
10. Dream Theater - Lines in the sand
11. Dream Theater - Metropolis pt 1
12. Dream Theater - The count of Tuscany

In case you can't tell, imma big dream theater fan
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