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2008 Feb 26 • 227
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Hey superjer i Saw "AWP_SNOSWK337" and Thought it was really Great and how do you make that jumping at The water area? and the Start point with the Word SuperJer.com floating around ?
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2007 Oct 24 • 990
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i don't really know the map in question , and don't have hammer or cs here right now

but the "jump" is a " trigger_push " ( brush based entity )

make a brush and put AAAtrigger texture on it then make it an entity and select trigger_push

trigger_push pushes you in a certain direction , you can enter how fast it pushes you and stuff

if you want it to push you up in the air ( i think thats what you need ) then construct a ramp out of normal brushes and place the trigger push inside them

about the floating text ( i don't know what you want really )

it can be 2 things ( im guessing )

1) make a brush with the writing that you want ( just construct it , or make a texture with wally) then make it a func_train and set it's path the way you want it to move

2) is a game_text ( point entity ) in its properties write what you want it to say ,

then in the " name " area write a specific name like " text1 "

then make a trigger_multiple ( you actually need more depending on when you want the text to appear )

in the trigger_multiples properties in the "target " section add the game_text's name ( eg writhe " text1 " )

the trigger_multiple will activate the game_text when a player touches it.

so place it in front or around your spawnpoints

the game_text appears like in the map 35_hp ( if you know it )
the round starts and it says floating in white " you only have one stab use it wisely "

now that was long
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