How to make player spawn wit knife

How to make player spawn wit knife

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2007 Feb 14 • 11
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How do you make a player spawn with knife, and unable to buy something:D?
2007 Dec 5 at 08:42 PST
2007 Aug 17 • 11
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ok 1st of all put a player_weaponstrip entity (dosnt matter wher as long as it inside the map)

then you put a game_player_equip (same put it wher ever you want) the go to its propertise (alt enter) and set knife on yes (all of the waepons are seted on "no" as the default option - on the start).

and to make your players unable to to buy items :
use a brush to create a block (any shape any size any texture u want)
place it out side of the players reach (can be eaven out side the sky frame..) select it and press Ctrl T and give your brush a func_buyzone entity

then your done i guess if it was any or something whent wrong replay plz.
2007 Dec 5 at 12:04 PST
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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cant you just use a game_player_equip entitie and a info_game_parameter entitie and se it so both of them cant buy and if you try to buy you cant
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2007 Dec 5 at 20:50 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
That should work, too. In theory.
2007 Dec 10 at 17:12 PST
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