how to make a ladder?

how to make a ladder?

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2008 May 19 • 25
how do you make a ladder i've read the thing on it on this website under advanced stuff but i dont know where to get the brushes to make them. i dont have it and i have all the things i need in the textures box and under game configurations as well. please help me. I also need to know how to make a door that can open and close, for the ladder can i just go Ctrl+T and clikc on func_ladder? to make it climbable?
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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What's climbable is the func_ladder entity, which is invisible. Since you probably want your ladder to be visible, you need a brush behind to give you the look of a ladder.

So make one brush (a normal ladder is about 8 units deep, and 64 units wide). Copy the first brush and paste it right in front of the first one. Make one brush func_ladder, and apply a ladder texture to the second brush.

If you want a ladder that's climbable from both sides, make 2 func_ladders, and place the regular brush in between.

This is a bit different from what the tutorial says, but it works just fine.
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2007 Oct 24 • 990
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superjers ladder has the extra ting that players can't pass trough it but you can shoot and trow grenades trough it nothing else .

also you just need the textures to make the ladder download zhlt.wad from here and add it in your "hammer - tools - option - textures"

what you need for a simple ladder is 1) a climby part and 2) a solid part

1 : make a thin brush (object rectangle whatever you call it)
apply the AAAtrigger texture on it (from zhtl.wad)
press Ctrl + T and select func_ladder from the list
this is invisible
2: solid / visible part
make another brush, put a ladder texture on it,
put it exactly behind the Climby part ( so they are touching )
make it as thin as your ladder would be in real life

now for superjers ladder (the best one)
1 make the climby part just like before with aaatigger texture

2 make a brush and apply a ladder texture , now press ctrl + T and select "Func_illusionary" this will make it non-solid but visible

3 make one last brush and put the "Clip" texture on it ( also from zhlt.wad ) place this one behind the visible part

any brush that has "clip" texture on it is:
stops players like a normal wall
lest you shoot/ trow grenades trough it like it was air

thats about it ( this is a really long detailed explanation )
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