How do I make an image into a texture?

How do I make an image into a texture?

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2008 Feb 23 • 52
Kinda self explainatory.

Im not sure if there is an easier way to put an image into a map other than turning it into a texture and making a brush. Problem is, I have no idea how to convert to a texture and load in hammer.

2008 Feb 23 at 22:43 UTC
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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You need Wally, you can get it from the expert section of this site. It converts the textures and puts them all into a custom wad for you which you can then add to hammer and there you go, you can use the texture. There are other posts on this by the way; search for wally for more details.
2008 Feb 23 at 23:12 UTC

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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yepp use search
this will help you understand ^_^

(Click for image)

for additional info : (Click for image)

Wtf is that ? its a bird ! no its a plane ! amm maybe its a plastic bag . NO ! its SUPERJER ! the greatest super hero ever!
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