error...Brus entity out of world....plss help!

error...Brus entity out of world....plss help!

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2007 Dec 9 • 8
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Hy my name is Adeon...and i've recently started building CS the way GOOD TUTORIAL...but i'm having a probem...When i made the ".map" and ".bat" files and extracted the "zhlt" etc....and doubled clicked on the ".bat" an "err" file appears and whe i read it it sayed "Brush entity 221...222...223...224...225...etc...out of World"....... I looked at the map in VHE...and there was no brush that was out of the grill...neither in FRONT VIEW , TOP VIEW...or any other...and any way not that much....plss somene help me...many of the CS players from where i come from are expecting this map...and plus that i have many ideeas about other maps...thanks
2007 Dec 9 at 05:53 PST
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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I think you have an brush entity outside of your map.
I think you should try to keep all brush entities inside your map.
You probably dont have a brush entity outside of the grid, but it is outside of your level. Just move it into your level and it should compile fine.
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2007 Dec 9 at 19:19 PST
2007 Nov 26 • 13
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With the brush numbers it tells you go to the button up top that says Map then Go To Brush Number. Type in the numbers it tells you and check em out on the map each individually. Also, when your compiling a map your walls expand a little bit (64 units) so try to make sure that your brushes aren't to close to the skybox or w.e. you have surrounding your map. (I assume you have a giant box since your new to mapping)
2007 Dec 10 at 14:19 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6597
When you Export to .MAP, sometimes Hammer changes things unexpectedly. Especially if you have odd, misaligned brushes.

Try opening your .MAP file directly in Hammer and look for out-of-world brushes.

Also: make sure nothing is very close to the edge of the grid because during compile, brushes have to be expanded and moved around a bit. If they go out of world during that then this problem could occur.
2007 Dec 10 at 17:24 PST
2007 Dec 9 • 8
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Hmm....i didt thought about that expanding thing....i think that's my problem...and yhea i think the map is a little to big...but is just a rough sketch still...but i'll make it work....thanks allought all of you who repllied back....i'm going to start workin on my map until i get the hang of it...and get it to work...see 'ya !...and thanks again
2007 Dec 11 at 05:45 PST
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