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Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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Ok, so I've been trying to burn a bunch of vob, buf and ifo files that was 8gb, so I downloaded some freeware that converted it down to 4gb, so I burnt it by using nero 9 free, with it in a folder called "VIDEO_TS" (or something like that). Anyways, when I put it in my pc, it runs automatically and fine, but when I put it in my dvd player, it just says error.

I'm thinking of just pirating the full version of nero so I won't have to put up with all this bullshit, but at the moment, does anyone know any good freeware that allows you to create dvd's based on VOB files (so I can split them in half and burn it on 2 disks) and also that actually will burn them properly?
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2012 Sep 11 at 17:15 PDT
fedex _

2009 Mar 23 • 909
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Try burning your dvd at x2 , remember burning slower will make dvd more reliable
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2012 Sep 12 at 10:10 PDT

2009 May 13 • 905
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I use an antiquated suite of free-juarez. DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, and more recently I added RipItForMe to handle some of the newer fancy encryption stuff. Need Nero still for the actual burning but it plugs into all those programs for maximal easymode.
2012 Sep 12 at 20:19 PDT
polly pushy pants

2008 Aug 1 • 3080
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i burn my dvds 15 times.
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2012 Sep 18 at 04:08 PDT
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