cell door helpp

cell door helpp

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2008 Feb 25 • 41
ok i want a cell door that opens like 10 seconds into the round. first off where can i get a cell door tecxture so u can liek see through bars...and how to i make it so after like 10 seconds it opens..like a regular door on hinges
2008 Mar 5 at 14:15 PST
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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func_door should work here. As for the actual door texture... You'd probably have to make your own. Make part of it like a really obvious blue, you should be able to set that to transparent. Oh yeah, you'd need a trigger to make it open 10 seconds in.
2008 Mar 5 at 18:40 PST

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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i started making a map yesterday ... ( jailbreak ) terrorists spawn inside cells , and the doors start closed then after a few seconds the lights turn on & of and the doors open ( same idea ) yeah you could make your own textures but i think you can find some good cell-door like textures in " haflife.wad " ( its in your valve folder ) thats what i used and it looks ok

whats your map gonna be ?? fy , cs , de , fun , surf , as , ka ??

just so i know ( cause im not yet sure what i want it to be , i only have the terrorists spawn locations ready )
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2008 Mar 6 at 00:28 PST
2008 Feb 25 • 41
lol mines gonna be a zm map. and how would i trigger it to make doors open in 10 seconds...like in detail and yeah i found some in halflife.wad thanks
2008 Mar 6 at 16:54 PST
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