button triggers turret to turn off?

button triggers turret to turn off?

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2008 Mar 11 • 99
how do i make it so that when you shoot a button it turns off a turret thats trying to kill u, or if possible to destroy the turret. i tried putting a button and shooting it but when i shoot it it makes me comtrol the turret
2008 Apr 24 at 18:21 UTC

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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you could just make a func_breakable , make it look like a button , and set it to target the turret .
i think its " target on break "
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2008 Apr 24 at 19:14 UTC
eDan Co.
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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Wouldn't that still just make you control the turret?
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2008 Apr 24 at 21:36 UTC
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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This seems to be easier in Source... in Episode 2 there is a section with a turret that horribly horribly rapes you any time you pop up your head for a look... I won't go into what happens for those that have yet to play the wonderful wonderful game.

More on topic, I have no idea.
2008 Apr 25 at 00:19 UTC
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