Bad Surface Extend!

Bad Surface Extend!

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2008 Dec 25 • 94
Hey guys!

I got a problem with my map. I've just completed a plant and defuse map, tho i ran into a problem! I can compile and start the map at New Game with no problems (Using ZHLT compiler)

Tho, when i want to start it 2my HLServer (Dedicated standalone serv) i get an message saying: Bad surface extents 14640/0 at position (-1995,-987,-7). My guess is that i gotta remove the block (at the positions -1995. -987, -7) and remake it! Tho i'm not fully sure, either i can't really find the position with 3 different numbers @ VHE!

I would apreciate if anyone knew! Thanks in advance!
2011 May 3 at 09:36 PDT
2011 May 2 • 7
First sorry for my bad English.
In the log from Vhe, you can see a texture name after that 3 number. Find it in the map. You used it in very little or very thin place. Find it and make its size 1.00 from Texture menu. Maybe you did used it on a door. (up or down)
2011 May 3 at 11:42 PDT
2008 Dec 25 • 94
Thanks alot for your answer mate! I solved this for like an hour and a half ago, so thread closed!

Thanks alot for your answer tho, apreciated it! =)
2011 May 3 at 12:34 PDT
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