Anyone interested in GNU/Linux/Open source

Anyone interested in GNU/Linux/Open source

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Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
I'm just about done watching this movie called "Revolution OS", and I found it to be very informative and interesting.

Here's the link for the site about the movie: link
and here's the link for netflix if you have it: link
2010 Sep 13 at 16:39 PDT

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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Netflix said:
For the past two decades, a group of computer hackers, neocommunists and entrepreneurs has been gradually undermining Microsoft's monopoly and fundamentally changing the way software is developed and owned -- a revolution that resulted in the Linux operating system and the Open Source movement. This fascinating documentary explores the OS movement's origins and depicts the grassroots nature of Linux and OS as they march into the mainstream.

2010 Sep 13 at 16:48 PDT — Ed. 2010 Sep 13 at 16:50 PDT
Down Rodeo
Cap'n Moth of the Firehouse

Find the Hole II Participation Medal
2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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2010 Sep 13 at 17:34 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6629
I saw that a long time ago.

I thought it was funny how the filmmakers kept asking if the guys they interviewed were communists. They were like "WTF? No. Of course not. Open source is just our business strategy."

And then the film goes on about those crazy "communist" programmers.

Other than that it was pretty good.
2010 Sep 13 at 18:31 PDT — Ed. 2010 Sep 13 at 18:31 PDT
Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
Yeah I got a good laugh out of the whole segment about them being communistic
2010 Sep 13 at 18:49 PDT

2009 May 13 • 905
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Pro tip: Stallman could kick the crap out of E.S.R in a fist fight, but in the real world E.S.R would bust a cap in Stallman's ass faster than he could say 'GNU isn't Unix.'
2010 Oct 6 at 08:46 PDT
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