2 more questions water, how fast push

2 more questions water, how fast push

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2008 Feb 14 • 9
ok um..... i read what someone said about water that he said set render mode to texture then switch the fx amount, does it matter how much i put, and if it does what is required amount.

Second is the trigger_push, i know how to set it but i dont know how fast you go by the numbers, if anyone has played surf_swift what speed # is it with the ramp right next to the building with the water on it? just need 2 good answers plz help
2008 Feb 18 at 05:11 UTC
eDan Co.
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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The FX amount (when rendermode is TEXTURE) sets how see-throw you water will be. 0- invisible, 255- fully textured.

About the push speed, I'd say maybe 150-200. Try it and see if it's good or not. You can always go back to hammer.
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2007 Oct 24 • 990
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yeah just tryal and error set the speed to some approximate amount
and then adjust it to your liking

and as transparency goes i usually use 100 at fx its a nice transparency for water
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2008 Feb 18 at 16:51 UTC — Ed. 2008 Feb 18 at 16:54 UTC
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