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eDan Co. said:
Oh my god!!

Is there a good explaination as for why CornJer and FallingShit have the same IP?

what made you want to check that?

but omg yes its not me i knew it!
Yes there is.

Its so fun to watch though.Just how it was done is funny.Even if it was horrible.
Poor Supes
I'm smarter with computers than i seem to be. How do you think im passing Spanish 2?
I just watched was...hilarious in many ways.but awesome too.
This is..omg...
Read on Info!


You may need some things to Get it.
liquid said:

Using Wadfile: \textures\dmsnowy.wad
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (218412 bytes): '3DMTRAILL'
- Contains 0 used textures, 0.00 percent of map (95 textures in wad)

Ok now your In MY territory.
Id like to wait till i can get back on Havokk edge -_-
אני הומו
Btw i tried I am gay in hebrew it didnt work.
Im not mad more amused that you guys cant take a joke.Im never been a jackass in these forums really and i just meant to get a laugh.It not like i hurt anything or anyone.Jus was havin some fun.

and its not like its the first time ive done it.I mean ive gone and broke rodeos screen before.

and btw no i didnt do them from jigsaws house.i made these accounts at school.I guess he did too.
I think it would be funny if Davedays actually did make a music video on this site.
Thus Spoke Down Rodeo.
Wow edan you caught right on!
Cool.But.whats the point!?
Mate de Vita said:
Na ovem linku ne pise da se ne sme TRIGGER brush dotikat ORIGINa. Pise da se player ne sme... A jebiga, radi
I was really surprised to see the Apache win that fight.I think the spartan and ninja gave me the most thrill though.
I think about half this forum plays L4D man.Me and Jigsaw play it alot recently.but we are full on party unless you wanna get raped by us.