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Recent posts by Rami

Recent posts by Rami

2011 Jun 17 at 07:41 PDT

Another problem :(

Why the light in my map comes from everywhere? Not only from the spotlights. It's like full-lighting.
2011 Jun 15 at 07:34 PDT
Thanks, it works now.

I have another problem, but I don't want to open another topic about it.

I've spotted a light in the roof, and I've also added a neon texture to it, to look like a real light source.

But when I check it in-game, I don't find the neon texture..
2011 Jun 14 at 15:24 PDT
Mate de Vita said:
Rami said:
And you'll understand what I'm talking about.

You're asking how to change a texture. The page I linked to tells you how to do that. Just use the proper textures (ladder, aaatrigger, and clip), and that's it.

Who said anything about textures?
2011 Jun 14 at 13:14 PDT
And you'll understand what I'm talking about.
2011 Jun 14 at 12:17 PDT
I've made a ladder, but I need to change it's color to make some parts of it invisible. So, how can I change it's color?
2011 Jun 14 at 12:16 PDT
H in Hammer Mapping
2011 Jun 14 at 06:34 PDT
I've got all the needed entities, info_player_start, info_player_deathmatch, & light.

EDIT: I fixed a leak, and all is okay now. Thanks for trying to help.
2011 Jun 13 at 20:00 PDT
I've followed the making a counter strike map tutorial, and I've faced a problem. There's a "Nablus.err" file, which has the text "Error: Portal file 'Nablus.prt' does not exist, cannot vis the map".

I've tried many versions of ZHLT, and I've downloaded it from it's main site, but still didn't fix my problem.

Could Superjer, or any other expert reply for me please?

Regards, Rami

NOTE: Nablus is the mapname